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Decorate Your Entryway with These Stylish Tips

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestDecorate Your Entryway with These Stylish Tips

Whether you're coming home after a long day at work or greeting guests at the door, you want an inviting entryway. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the rest of your house. It's also the last thing people see when they head out. Be sure it leaves the right impression. No matter what you're working with, there are tips and tricks that will give this space a welcoming ambiance. Big or small, you can level up your entryway with subtle decorative touches or transform it with bigger DIY renovation projects. You choose.


Add color with paint

Share to PinterestA bright color contrast creates a memorable impression.
Scovad / Getty Images

Painting your door is a popular home decorating strategy. That's because it has a big impact. Choose a radiant hue and add a bright pop of color to enliven the area. This also creates an interesting focal point indoors. If you're painting the outside as well as the interior, be sure to choose paint designed for outdoor use. For your finish, semigloss is a good choice. It has a nice sheen, and it's easy to clean.


Wallpaper your entryway

Share to PinterestYou have practically unlimited choices in wallpaper options.
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With so many colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, wallpaper is a clever way to transform your entryway. If the area is small, choose a design that gives the illusion of space. Perhaps you want to give your home a more upscale look. Browse wallpapers that mimic marble, stone, or brick. Be sure that your selection complements the rest of the decor elements you've chosen for this area.


Lay new flooring

Share to PinterestWorker carefully placing ceramic floor tiles on adhesive surface
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Change out your flooring for a dramatic aesthetic effect. But remember to consider function and practicality. This part of your home is exposed to lots of foot traffic. You want durable materials that will stand up to extended wear and tear. Though pricey, ceramic, or porcelain tile is the optimal choice for entryway flooring. For more budget-friendly options, shop luxury vinyl planks or tiles. Though not as permanent, they are made to withstand heavy use. Plus, LVP and LVT don't need grout. So, that's another bonus over the more expensive ceramic or porcelain flooring.


Install new lighting fixtures

Share to PinterestYour light fixtures should work with the space and any pieces in the entryway.
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Decide how bright you want your entryway to be and identify your preferred decor style. This will help you choose between ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and lamps. For a glamorous aesthetic, lean toward a crystal chandelier or an ornate pendant. Sconces and lamps give off warm, welcoming light. With limited space, you should stick with a ceiling fixture. But you can still add some flair with the available options.


Add mirrors for dramatic effect

Share to PinterestMirrored entryway closet doors are an interesting use of limited space.
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Mirrors are fabulous and functional. They reflect light, brightening small areas. With the right size and hung properly, they give the illusion of more space. You can check your appearance in your entryway mirror before you leave your home, and guests can do the same when they arrive. Mirrors are available in all shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes. This gives you more choice than you probably know what to do with. But note that most interior decorators recommend placing mirrors on the walls that are perpendicular to your door.


Create a mini-gallery with wall art

Share to PinterestBasic framed photos paired with simple furniture pieces create a charming effect.
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Dress up a blank entryway wall with eye-catching wall art. Go with one striking focal piece or design a small gallery with several little pictures. This decorative feature is an opportunity to let your personality shine through. Pick artwork that speaks to you and reflects your taste — be it whimsical, uplifting, dramatic, or glamorous.


Choose attractive seating

Share to PinterestIf you have a spacious foyer, give it warmth with comfortable, inviting seating.
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If you have enough room for it, a bench or a chair is an excellent option for your entryway. Many benches do double-duty as seating and storage. So, it's a practical solution, as well. But be careful that this piece of furniture doesn't become a catch-all that turns the area into an unappealing mess. It's also better to skip the chair if it will make the space look too crowded.


Give guests somewhere to put their belongings

Share to PinterestLarge wall shelving organizers and seating combos are the height of entryway luxury.
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Guests need to store their coats, jackets, hats, scarves, bags, and umbrellas when they visit. Coat racks, hooks, peg rails, shelves, and baskets positioned by your doorway are convenient options. You may also want to design a space for your keys, mail, purse, and backpack. These storage items should be both functional and attractive. When you have limited space, multi-function organizers are smart options. Think coat rack with umbrella stand and floating shelves with hooks.


Accessorize with a table

Share to PinterestClassic interior of a room with door and table
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Placing a table near the doorway is an entryway staple, for good reason. It's convenient, decorative, and practical. The table and mirror combo is a popular set-up, and you can find a table to fit nearly any entryway. Half-rounds, corner pieces, and slim consoles are designed to complement a variety of homes.


Impress with floor coverings

Share to PinterestBold geometric prints on an entryway rug have lasting impact.
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Area rugs or runners can give your foyer a bit of class. When paired with entryway furniture or other decor accents, a floor covering can help define the space. A dynamic pattern or contrasting tone adds drama. If you have a long hallway, use a runner with a warm pattern to draw visitors in. On a practical tip, you can also use rugs to cover up worn flooring.



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