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Creative Ways to Revamp Your Closet Doors

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestCreative Ways to Revamp Your Closet Doors

Updating your closet doors can completely transform the look of your room, and there are tons of simple ways to do it yourself that don't require purchasing brand-new doors! Whether you're tired of the previous style or your closets could really use some TLC, let a few of these ideas slide into your closet door DMs!


Add some raised panels

Raised patterns are a simple yet effective way to enhance the appearance of wooden closet doors. Using adhesive strips or wood glue, attach framing wood (about a 1/4 inch thick) to the door in whatever pattern you choose. Remember to sketch it out beforehand to ensure it looks just as you envisioned.

This is a fun DIY that will really change the look of your room, whether you paint the whole thing a solid color afterward or paint the framing strips in a contrasting color first. Just keep in mind this method doesn't work well on doors that slide behind one another, as the addition may make it too wide to fit.


Slide over to barn doors

If you want to make the most of your closet space, sliding barn doors are the best option. You can install single or double doors, depending on the size of your closet. This design works best for large or shared closets, but there's no reason you shouldn't go for it if you have a small closet all to yourself.

Sliding doors look sophisticated and modern. They also improve access to the interior, freeing up space that a folding door might conceal, and maximizing floor space outside the closet.


Dress them up in wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to add a burst of color as flamboyant as you want. Modern-day wallpapers are even self-adhesive, making them easier to apply, not to mention to remove if you want to change it up or if you move. With so many wallpaper options to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your aesthetic and really complements your space.


Add some mirrors

Affixing mirrors onto your closet doors can be both functional and stylish. Though the full mirrored closets can feel like something out of the 90s, if you choose to keep a frame or go with bold hardware, your space will look anything but dated.


Invest in frosted glass

Another closet door makeover option is installing frosted glass windows for a crisp aesthetic look. Most people go for the subtle, classic square-cut panels. They're subtle, sleek, and don't draw too much attention, but they still deliver a sophisticated effect. Other colors and designs are available if you want to go a bit off the beaten path.

Whether your closet has bi-fold or sliding doors, adding frosted glass is a great way to upgrade them.


Make merry with metals

Metal doors or accents add an industrial look to your closet and the room. Whether you go for full-on brushed metal or shiny chrome or just choose to paint part of the door in a glossy metallic hue, adding a touch of metal can take your closet door from drab to "daaaaaang"!


Paint a pretty picture

For the more artistic types, painting your door panels can have a huge impact on your room. We don't mean just giving them a fresh coat of paint, either. Why not depict the tide rolling in on your favorite beach, or a jungle rainforest canopy, complete with roosting toucan?

Not a pro at representative paintings? Go bold with a Jackson Pollock-esque splatter artwork or make a complex geometric pattern using painter's tape. The internet is just bursting with ideas for this kind of DIY makeover.


Switch out the handles

Think of door handles as accessories, like jewelry that goes along with any outfit. Your choice of hardware will influence the aesthetic of your whole room, despite being just a tiny part of it. Depending on whether your closet needs handles or just looks good with them, choose something that suits the theme of your room, and have fun with it.

Since you'll only need two or four (as opposed to the dozen required for a kitchen reno), you could go ornate and pricey, or keep it simple. Paint wooden handles any color you want, or get glossy with metals. The choices are almost literally endless.


Choose curtains in lieu of doors

If all else fails, or other ideas don't appeal to you for whatever reason, you can always ditch the doors in favor of curtains. Must like a sliding rather than folding door, curtains allow you better access to the recesses of your closet because the door isn't in the way. You also don't need to account for space in front of the closet.

Perhaps the handiest thing about curtains is their swap-ability. Change them out for something new if you get bored, and take them down with ease if you move out.


Decorate with washi tape

Washi tape is a type of masking tape from Japan popular for its decorative uses. Available in various widths and a vast range of colors and patterns, it's become a DIY coup for temporary designs. Whether you opt for a simple geometric in glinting gold or piece out a detailed cityscape with matte black, washi tape is bound to stick your closet door at the top of the style spectrum.



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