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Creative Ways To Organize Pots and Pans

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestCreative Ways To Organize Pots and Pans

If it feels like you're running out of storage space in the kitchen, you're far from alone. Despite that deep pantry, overhead cabinets, and extra shelving, you somehow can't find enough space to squeeze in those few extra pans after emptying the dishwasher — not to mention their lids.

Organizing pots and pans is no easy task, but with some creative ideas, you can avoid the nightmare of them flying out the next time you open a drawer or never being able to find the one you need.


The updated lazy Susan

Lazy Susans aren't just reserved for food anymore. Since they're affordable and can be installed at home, they're a great way to incorporate storage space into existing cabinetry. This sleek metal version conveniently stows pots and pans hidden from view, yet well within reach for your next cooking session.


Lids meet doors

They go together like bread and butter, don't they? This cabinet setup puts extra space to good use by installing holders to place pot and pan lids. If you've got space to stow the pans themselves but are out of luck when it comes to the lids, this is a simple and stylish solution that ensures they're easy to grab when you need them.


Line them up

Organization lovers unite. If you're having trouble squeezing your pan collection into cupboards horizontally, then it's time to switch your approach. Storing pots and pans vertically makes the one you're reaching for easy to find and even easier to reach, and it leaves more space for those troublesome lids.

Grab some organizers like these and simply slide them into their assigned slots.


Install sliding shelves

If you're scared of that lid popping off and getting lost somewhere in between shelves, consider this simple solution. Sliding shelves can triple the storage space in your cabinets without requiring a full-scale remodel or costly supplies.

Now, you can slide in that last cake pan without losing it somewhere behind the cabinet, and you'll find you have room for so much more.


Let drawers do double duty

Pot lid racks can be a lifesaver, especially when you're running low on storage space. Many of us have drawers that go unused, but they seem impractical or too oversized to stow pans. Not anymore!

These handy racks stow an assortment of pots and lids, keeping them out of sight while keeping the space aesthetically pleasing.


Let pots do double duty

Your pots and pans can do double duty too — as decor. Wall space can serve both storage and design when you do it the right way, and this cast iron pan nook does exactly that.

Sleek yet sophisticated, it transforms your kitchen go-to's into contemporary decor. Find (or make your own) pot rail in the style of your choosing, and go from there.


Look up

Your ceiling is just storage space waiting to happen. Pot racks aren't just for kitchens in upscale hotels; you can bring them into your home. A stylish way to pull your entire kitchen together, they serve a practical purpose by stowing every last kitchen supply you can find, including those gigantic copper pots.

Get creative and hang whatever items you want at arm's reach!


Go vertical

Whether you want to display them on a standing pot rack in the dining room or have a narrow cabinet you don't really use, vertical storage is a fantastic solution when you can't find the space. A standing pot rack can function as a decor piece or slide directly into a cabinet, like this one.

Stylish and oh so practical, it's an excellent way to stow kitchenware.


Maximize counter space

Some of us want to show off our best pans, while others want them easy to reach. With this solution, you get both benefits. There's no hard rule that says pots and pans belong in your cabinets, so show them off on your countertops.

An unused spot is now a convenient display space and a storage solution; it's a win-win.


Open shelving

Instead of digging for pots buried deep in the drawer every time you get cooking, why not have them right there and ready to go?

Use your island as open shelving space, and keep those you reach for most often beneath you, along with some cute knick-knacks. Quick, convenient, and stylish, it's a sleek way to make sure they're always handy for the next baking or cooking adventure.



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