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Creative Ways To Embrace The Retro Trend

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestCreative Ways To Embrace The Retro Trend

While trends these days are like a revolving door, the swinging '70s are here to stay. You heard that right — the disco era is back, and it's taking over homes from LA to Shanghai. If you're a shag rug devotee, a lover of lava lamps, or a fan of bright colors and geometric patterns, this decor style might be your perfect fit.

From the bedroom to the living room, these ideas give you creative ways to embrace the retro trend.


Contemporary inspiration

Love this decor style, but unsure where to start? Refer to contemporary images taken directly from the '70s, whether you find them in the family album or hunt down a catalog online. Images taken from that day and age bring the era to life, and they help you picture how the space will be used in your own.

This colorful bedroom was inspired by a similar one dating to the early 1970s, so every touch is true to the times, from the stained glass lamp to the hanging macrame plant and soft color palette.


Antique-appropriate wallpaper

Wallpaper is having its Renaissance moment, and with vibrant '70s-era designs on the market, it's easy to see why. This bold geometric print is impossible not to notice, and it stands out in a sea of minimalist decor and white walls.

With playful splashes of color in shades of brown, orange, and yellow creating an eye-catching effect, guests won't be able to look away. Whatever your preferred colors or patterns, wallpaper is the retro way to make a room pop.


Vintage appliances

You've always wanted that pastel toaster, so what's holding you back? Vintage appliances give any home a touch of the unexpected, and they're as functional as they are stylish. Switch out your go-to's with authentic models at antique shops, estate sales, or online; the fun is all in the hunt!

If you can't find the specific color or style you're seeking, then look for a vintage-inspired reproduction instead.


Midas touch

Classic white has its place, but if you're seeking a more unique color palette, play up shades such as harvest gold — the era's most recognizable. This accent wall provides a unique backdrop for vintage art pieces, plants, and decor while blending in effortlessly; those same items would look much different on a plain wall, so the color itself makes an impact.

If you only make one design upgrade, a fresh layer of retro-inspired paint is the way to do it.


Low-key accents

Tiny touches make all the difference, and when smaller accents align with '70s-inspired decor, you'll feel like you've gone back in time. Here, a retro plate setup with era-appropriate colors and patterns takes the cake.

If you don't want to embrace the retro trend in its entirety, seek out dishware, vases, blankets, pillows, and knickknacks authentic to the era. They add color and texture without excess hassle, and every piece tells a story. If you're stuck, consider accents that use the following oh-so-'70s elements: macrame, colored glass, beading, rattan, velvet, and animal print.


Sleek sideboards

A true statement piece, sideboards had their heyday in the '70s, and they serve a practical purpose. This funky design not only creates architectural interest in your room, but its cabinets provide ample storage options, from open space up top for display pieces to sliding space for your go-to records, books, or just extra blankets.


Go avocado

One of the era's most iconic hues, avocado green is aesthetically pleasing in any room. This bathroom takes the shade to the next level by implementing it from ceiling to floor, including the wallpaper.

If a monochromatic space isn't your vibe, that's completely okay. Avocado looks just as stunning on a few key pieces as it does the whole room, or it could be your go-to shade for a statement piece, such as your dining table or headboard.


Merry go round

Furniture is getting a '70s reinvention all its own, and it's the perfect way to retro-fy your space. Curved furniture works its shape-shifting magic in any room, and options range from plumped chairs to delicately flowing lounges, sofas, and tables.

This statement shelving makes the room into a masterpiece when combined with contrasting colors, and it provides ample space to stow the essentials. Whether you want just one piece or an entire table set, go where the lines flow and seek out curved furniture in the sizes, shapes, and colors that please your decor palette.


Bold bar carts

Mad Men-era workers didn't hesitate to throw back during happy hour, and while drinking on the job is no longer appropriate, bar carts are here to stay. In wood and silver, this model looks straight out of the '70s, and its mobility makes it perfectly appropriate for any room.

Craving a whiskey in the study? Roll it on over. A lemonade in the kitchen? It can do that too. Portable and convenient, the bar cart is a retro favorite among homeowners and guests alike.


Swinging shag rugs

Shag carpeting is back in favor, and we're loving every minute. This apartment owner transformed a blank space with a bold shag rug, retro chair, lamp, and plenty of greenery. With just a few pieces, that area provides an official step back in time.

Not only do shag rugs stand out from the pack, but they express your personality, incorporate texture into the room, and feel incredible underfoot. Select one in an innovative color or pattern that coordinates well with your other decor.



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