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Creative Ways to Do Without a Dresser in the Bedroom

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestCreative Ways to Do Without a Dresser in the Bedroom

Does your bedroom furniture just seem a bit too ordinary? Make a bold style statement in your bedroom by forgoing the dresser and using a different piece of furniture in its place. Maximize your floor space so you get the most out of your square footage with these dresser alternatives. A traditional chest of drawers has its place, but why not try something new?


Tall and stately armoires

Create an elegant appearance and increase your storage space with an armoire. Typically made up of two sections, the lower portion of the armoire has drawers while top half is an open space behind doors that's great for hanging clothing.

Use the drawers for keeping undergarments and sleepwear tucked out of sight or shoes organized. The upper cabinet section is for shirts and dress clothes, so they stay neatly hung and free from wrinkles. Find an antique armoire with detailed woodwork, or choose a more modern style to match the overall aesthetic of your room.


Experiment with color, levels, and style with a trunk

When a dresser feels like too much fuss, opt for a trunk or chest instead. Using a trunk to store clothes gives the room a rustic feel. This unique approach opens up visual lines by remaining close to the floor and making the room feel airier. A rustic wooden version can create a farmhouse look, and metal or newer wood varieties can be painted to match your style. Imagine how a metal trunk painted black would add a steampunk feel to the room!

If you’re adventurous, a trunk painted in a vivid color makes a bold statement. Look for wooden styles with brass fittings for an antique appearance to help create a bedroom that feels like a retreat from the modern world.


Use the space under the bed

Possibly the best unused space in the bedroom is under the bed. Consider a Captain’s bed, which has storage drawers built into the base for clothes, shoes or even extra linens, all without taking up any more real estate on the floor.

If a new bed isn’t in the budget, get the DIY version by making good use of storage baskets or drawers on wheels. Choose square wicker baskets for a rustic feel, or live life in color with bright canvas or nylon. A monochrome look has minimalist appeal, while a multicolored approach adds vibrancy.


Minimalist style with a hanging bar

If floor space is at a premium, it’s time to look up. A simple hanging clothing rack can be attached to the wall or ceiling, freeing up more floor space for you.

For a DIY version, affix a clothing rack that could be used in a closet out in the open to bring the shelf and hanging options out into the open! No more digging around in the back of the closet to find something when all your stuff is right where you can see it! Smooth wood keeps things classic, while pipe delivers an industrial, modern feel.


Embrace your individuality and get quirky

Think outside the box and choose a totally unique solution like a leaning ladder or metal gym lockers. A leaning ladder can act as shelves and add a rustic touch or sophisticated farmhouse feel to the room.

Metal gym lockers are so easy to personalize! Paint them any color to suit your edgy aesthetic and embrace your own style, or decorate them with magnets and photos.


On-the-wall storage

Your walls and vertical space can work for you even when it comes to clothes. Stylish wall hooks look good on their own but can also hold jackets and hats. Choose attractive ones that function as art when unadorned and hold scarves and shirts when you need them to. A row of whimsical or decorative hooks can show off your style and give you a place to store your clothes at the same time.


Boxes can fit anywhere

For a totally different take on bedroom storage, look no further than storage boxes. With hard-sided boxes that sit neatly on top of each other and can be reconfigured over and over again, this modular solution has cornered the market on versatility.

Choose firm boxes to stack and keep your clothing sorted. Have one for shoes, one for underwear, and one for sweaters, and you’ve got a storage solution that will keep your room looking great. Fabric boxes on shelves can add a pop of color while still keeping you organized.


Built-in function

A headboard bookcase that holds shoes or accessories is a modern take on an old furniture style. Neatly folded sweaters would look right at home next to your to-be-read books. Use the open shelving as motivation to keep things tidy, or only put your best things on the shelf.

Headboards with cabinet doors can keep items tucked away and out of sight. Sometimes the perfect storage solution has been right there the whole time.


A storage bench does double duty

A handy bench becomes even more useful when it has storage. Use a storage bench as a window seat to create a beautiful space that can also hold your clothing or shoes. Choose a bench with an upholstered seat for a cozy reading nook, or a polished wooden top for a more rustic appearance.

A wooden bench painted any color and a top upholstered to match is a fashionably modern storage solution.


Maximize the closet space

Fill your closet space with hanging organizers or install some narrow shelves. A fold-out organizer creates extra space where you need it. Hang it up, unfold, and presto! You’ve now got shelves you can fill with clothing, accessories, or shoes.

Keeping an organized closet has the added benefit of giving your some hidden floor space that's accessible, for footwear, extra bags, or neat and tidy boxes of lesser-used household items.



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