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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Concrete

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestCreative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Concrete

Once upon a time, concrete was only associated with constructing roads, bridges, and buildings. In recent years, it's become a popular decorative material in residential and commercial spaces, thanks to its simple sophistication and practicality.

The best part is that concrete lasts a long time and doesn't need much maintenance, making it a versatile and nuanced material to work with for household decoration. The possibilities are practically limitless.


Concrete walls

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For the unfinished industrial look, nothing beats concrete walls. They're cost-effective and practical as well as trendy. Their sleek modern appearance doesn't take much effort to maintain, and they last a long time, so you know you won't have to do major upkeep anytime soon.

Concrete walls can withstand a humid environment like the kitchen or bathroom, where stains and splash-back may affect other wall materials. Concrete walls give off a modern minimalist look in living rooms and bedrooms. You can get concrete mosaics set in different patterns and colors if you want a combo of that stark grey and a more intricate design.


Concrete floors

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Concrete floors guarantee years of use, thanks to their high degree of durability. There are many options these days, too; it's not all light shades of gray anymore. There's stained concrete, inlaid tiles, and painted overlays. Micro-topped concrete allows for different colors, textures, and patterns on the surface.

Some floors have glossy, smooth finishes, while others retain a simple industrial look. It all depends on your aesthetic.


Concrete pots and planters

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Many people grow herbs and other plants on their windowsills or in their backyards. Concrete posts and planters boast greater resistance to winter weather, and they're much sturdier when compared to those made from other materials. They come in different sizes, from smaller ones meant for indoor use to those large enough to hold small trees.

Concrete's heat insulation quality keeps the soil warm, making it ideal for growing plants from warmer regions that can last into the autumn. And because they're durable, concrete is friendlier to the environment than plastic — you won't be replacing them every season.


Concrete washbasins and bathtubs

As mentioned earlier, concrete is the perfect material for functional parts of the home, such as bathrooms and common washing areas. You won't have to worry about water damage or spoiling anything. Concrete vanities and washbasins are popular because they won't break down or become stained.

Built-in concrete bathtubs give the space a clean, simple, modern look. You can match concrete bathroom appliances with wood, glass, or steel fixtures, really making the room your own.


Concrete bookshelves

Bookworms will love concrete bookshelves — they're sturdy and reliable. In-built concrete bookshelves will never break or grow brittle with age. They'll never rot because of humidity or get eaten by termites like their wooden counterparts. Concrete shelves will support the heaviest books without compromising their structural integrity.

You can experiment with different shapes, lengths, and sizes. Because concrete is so much stronger and more durable than wood and plastic, a concrete bookshelf doesn't need to stick to the traditional boxy look of other shelves.


Concrete statues and figurines

Add a dash of old-world elegance to your home or garden. Concrete statues come in finished and unfinished styles. The great thing about unfinished concrete sculptures is that you can paint them whatever color you want for a truly unique art piece. Best of all, you can get nearly any type of statue of any size, from busts and animal figurines to garden gnomes and full-sized human depictions.

If you plan on keeping the statues outdoors, have them sealed first so the elements don't wear away their physical beauty over time (unless that's your thing).


Concrete countertops

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The kitchen is one part of the home that gets a lot of traffic, whether you're preparing meals or dining. Concrete countertops have surpassed granite in popularity of late. They're more expensive, but they're also very durable and customizable. You get to select the profiles, exact coloring, and other details, such as sheen.

Custom finishes include ridges to help drain water from wet dishes and veining or marbling to add a decorative touch. You can even add colorful stones, metal shavings, or chunks of glass to the surface.


Concrete paperweights

Concrete paperweights come in just about every shape you think of. Some are hand-painted with elaborate patterns and rich colors, while others have a more straightforward, rougher geometric design. They may be inlaid with metals such as brass and copper or have intricate carvings or marbled finishes.

Concrete paperweights are a great way to ease into the concrete decor look since they're inexpensive and don't take up a lot of space. Before you know it, you might just be ordering a concrete accent wall for your study.


Concrete bookends

Like paperweights, concrete bookends have so many aesthetic options to choose from. Bookends are subtle statements that say a lot about the homeowner's personality and the kind of literature they love. Concrete is heavy and sturdy enough to keep an entire row of books together and upright.


Concrete fireplaces

Concrete is an excellent material for fireplaces due to its durability and the fact that it's non-flammable. Concrete fireplaces have a chic, ultra-modern look and can accommodate a variety of artisanal design features.

Fireplaces are the center of the home, representing warmth, comfort, and safety, especially in the winter months. A concrete fireplace pays tribute to this with a refreshingly modern aesthetic.



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