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Creative DIY Woodworking Ideas for Everyone

By Max Day
Share to PinterestCreative DIY Woodworking Ideas for Everyone

People often worry about stepping into the world of DIY woodworking because so many projects seem like they take tons of technical know-how. This isn't the case. It's incredible how many wonderful pieces you can construct with just a little effort and some wooden boards, even if it's your first time working with wood.


Create a lap desk or meal tray

By far, the worst part of using a laptop is it heating up in your lap. A lap desk is simple, functional, and inexpensive to build, making it a great DIY project for any skill level. For a basic lap desk, simply connect three boards in a straight-edged "U." But, if you want a more elaborate piece, build a small box using five pieces of wood and add on some legs. Attach the top with some hinges for a convenient, all-in-one storage space and work area.


Dress up your entryway

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If you've ever looked at your entryway and thought it looked a bit drab, you're not alone. You could liven it up with an interesting address plate or a planter box. Or, you could use a little elbow grease and do both at the same time. This incredibly simple build requires only four to five pieces of wood: four for the planter box and one for the backing. Feel free to use more if you feel like creating a more dynamic piece. Get creative with your address numbers. Carve them in, paint them on, or attach some metal ones for added dimension and texture.


Upgrade your pet's bed

Chances are, your pet's bed could use a style upgrade. Most pet beds are simply large cushions, so why not transform them into something special for your furry friend? A simple option is to build a frame around the bed. Cats, in particular, love sitting in boxes, so don't worry about getting too elaborate. Attach a backing board and customize it with your pet's name or some adorable paw prints.


Make practical wall art mountains

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One of the best things about woodworking is that as your skills improve, your options keep growing. Wooden mountains make for great wall art, and they can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. For beginner woodworkers, simply cut out different sizes of triangles and paint the tips a different color. You can use a single board for each mountain, or you can use multiple pieces to keep them hollow. More advanced crafters can cut more realistic edges to better resemble mountains. Instead of painting the tips, try cutting them off in an interesting pattern and attaching a different type of wood. Depending on the style you're going for, consider attaching hooks for some additional storage.


Displaying your wines

Depending on the tools you have at your disposal, you could have a custom-made DIY wine rack ready in a matter of hours. All you have to do is take some boards and cut a few bottle-sized holes. People who have tons of wine bottles may choose to do this to some shelves they can install in another unit. Those individuals who only have a few bottles can combine two boards for a simple but elegant A-frame display. Particularly skillful individuals can create two identical lattice pieces for a more dynamic wine rack.


Add flair with lawn chairs

Share to Pinterestpallet lawn chairs decor
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Decorating your yard or patio can get extremely expensive, especially when you start totaling the costs of outdoor furniture. Thankfully, building the decor yourself can cut costs dramatically. There are tons of options available to you. If you're looking for an easy and fun project, try repurposing wooden pallets. You can achieve many different styles of chairs, benches, and stools just by adjusting how you align, attach, and decorate pallets.


Elevate your bedroom

An easy way to improve any bedroom's appearance is by adding a headboard to the bed. Almost any material works great as a headboard, so think outside the box. Try painting or distressing an old door or some vintage window shutters. Alternatively, cut several thin pieces of wood into dramatic shapes and layer them together. Even something as simple as lining up some boards inside a differently-colored frame can add some elegance to your sleeping area while taking no time at all.


Have fun with lawn dice

When you're whipping your backyard into shape for a great hangout spot, don't forget to add in some fun lawn games. You can easily construct some lawn dice using a few bits of wood. The most simple option is sanding wooden cubes and painting some dots. Consider beveling the edges, so they roll a bit better. Try carving out the dots before painting them for more dimension. Don't forget; they also make great decorative pieces while not in use, so stack them however you like.


Sleeving your sofas

Not every room has space for a couch and a table, especially not right next to each other. While this isn't normally an issue, all it takes is one mistake to spill a meal all over your sofa. A wooden sofa sleeve is a great way to combat the issue while also adding some flair to your sitting area. All it takes is three pieces of wood that frame your sofa's arm. Carefully measure the width of your chair's arm so that your sleeve doesn't lean and spill anything.


Bathtub tray

Nothing is better after a long day than turning on the hot water, throwing in a bath bomb, and having a nice relaxing soak. However, it's not quite perfect without a bathtub tray. When constructing a tray for your tub, carve out some sections for candles or drinks. You can also include a simple folding tray for a tablet. If you're worried about your tray slipping, bevel the sections that sit on your tub's edges, so they're nice and secure.



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