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Share to PinterestCreative Crafts to Make Use of Old Wire Hangers

Creative Crafts to Make Use of Old Wire Hangers

By Max Day
Share to PinterestCreative Crafts to Make Use of Old Wire Hangers

Do you have a stack of wire hangers collecting dust in the back of your closet? You're not alone. In many homes, they are a long-forgotten tool because of the damage they do to our clothes, leaving lumps and bumps in shoulders and straps. If you've long replaced them with a more fabric-friendly plastic or wooden versions, it's time to find some new uses for these ancient artifacts. Repurposing them takes just a little effort and ingenuity.


Sandal Hanger

Flip flop collection getting out of hand, or just looking for a fun way to display and organize your fun sandal collection? For this craft, all you need is a wire hanger, wire cutters, and a touch of creativity. Take your hanger and snip the bottom section out. Curl the remaining arms up into a W shape and twist the ends so they don't catch onto anything. Add ribbons or bows for a bit of fun, or keep it simple for function.


Book Holder or Plate Display

To show off your fancy dishes or a favorite book, simply fold a wire hanger in half to make a display form. Forming the hanger may require pliers to get the right angles and curves. Leave the hook at the top to hang on a nail or screw into the wall.


Drain Snake

Share to Pinterestman with gloved hand putting wire drain snake down drain

Have your ever fought hairballs in your shower drain or strings of vegetables in your kitchen? Put an end to these battles with a homemade drain cleaner. For this easy hack, unfurl the hanger and make a small hook at one end. To use this magical device, stick the hooked end into the drain, twist, and remove. Continue this motion as many times as needed to clear the clog.


Repurpose as a Non-Slip Hanger

This handy trick is a great way to reuse wire hangers and old scraps of fabric. Cut the fabric into strips and begin by gluing one end to the end of the hanger hook. Wrap the fabric securely around the hanger until you've reached the end and finish by securing the end with glue. Get whimsical by using multiple fabrics for a bit of Bohemian flair. You can also crochet around the hanger if you've got a crochet hook lying around.


Remove static cling

Share to Pinterestmen's sweatshirt with a sock and tie stuck to the back with static

Caused by a buildup of electrostatic, clingy clothing can be such a nuisance, especially in drier climates. It can, however, be easily removed from your clothes with one of those discarded metal hangers. The metal acts as a conductor and will counteract the cling. Quickly run the hanger over the affected clothes and your problem is solved.


Washi tape or ribbon dispenser

Gift wrappers and event planners, rejoice! That mess of tangled ribbon in your wrapping box is a thing of the past. With only a hanger and wire cutters, you can organize ribbon or tape for easy use and access. Using the wire cutters, snip one of the bottom corners. Twist one end into a loop and the other into a hook to make a clasp, then string ribbon or tape rolls onto the hanger and latch the clasp shut!


Glasses Hanger

This is sure to be the easiest and cheapest glasses display and storage on the market. Drape your fashion, seeing, or sunglasses over the bottom of the hanger, and you're set. Fancy it up with some ribbon or fabric wound around the wire, or keep it plain and simple for mere function and organizational purposes.


Plant Lattice

Metal hangers can be a creative tool in the garden, or for houseplants, that look nice and will save you money. Your climbing and draping plants will thank you for providing them with this simple trellis. For basic supports, straighten hangers out and use twist ties or garden hooks to attach vines. Get creative by weaving fun designs with your hangers.


Toilet Paper Hanger

Share to Pinterestbar full of wire clothes hangers

Is industrial-chic your style? A funky metal hanger toilet paper holder may be just the right addition to your loft. With a pair of needle-nosed pliers, bend and form the metal hanger so that a portion is indented to hold the roll. Leave the hook so you have some way to hang it. Just make sure it's hung within reach of the toilet to avoid any awkwardness!


Crafts Galore

Wire hangers can be used for a variety of crafts and decor items that require little money and few tools. With the addition of ribbon, silk flowers, and hot glue, you can make decorative wreaths, centerpieces, and wall hangings. Thread or suede tassels can be woven around and through for homemade dream catchers. Bend and shape them into hanging monograms. With their strong, yet flexible composition, there is very little wire hangers can't do if you're willing to think outside the, well, triangle.



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