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Creative Bedroom Ideas for Girls

By Alicia Smith
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Fashioning the perfect girl's bedroom is all about playful patterns, fun furniture, and bold pops of color. Whether she's 7 or 17, she needs a retreat that is stylish and all her own. Her bedroom should showcase her personality and be able to grow with her. Draw on her interests. If she aspires to be an astronomer, add stars and a telescope. If she loves pink, layer the room in shades of her favorite color. Fun pillows, throws, or a great statement piece will really bring her dream bedroom to life.


Go vintage

Bring vintage pieces into the present with modern colors and textures. The colors and patterns on this dresser and nightstand give the vintage furniture an eye-popping update. Classic dusty pink curtains are paired with the more whimsical style of the hanging chair and bed canopy, giving the room a more contemporary feel.

Share to PinterestVintage bedroom with pops of pink
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Play with patterns

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. This room combines a whimsical, bright yellow patterned wall with polka dot lavender pillows for a delightful contrast. The patterns of the striped wooden bear and stuffed purple giraffe also add to the mismatched feel of the room. The silver star, hanging clouds, light and shag rug lend texture to the room, while the neutral color of the bedding helps to give it more balance.

Share to PinterestBedroom with patterned accent wall and polka dot pillows
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Go glam

Let her go glam with a more sophisticated palette. The pop of deep red against the stark white background of this room echo the colors of the lips and nails in the paintings on the wall. Patterns and colors in the rest of the room are kept more neutral to add to the glamour and drama of the red. Add a couple comfy chairs, and she'll be all set to entertain her friends.

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KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Rosé all day

She'll love this cozy bedroom steeped in pink. A variety of fabrics, textures and shades lend to the warmth of this room. The headboard adds comfort and is on-trend with luxe velvet upholstery. Decorate the bed and curtains with slightly varying hues for a soft, plush look. Throw in a few gold accents, and you've got a room she won't want to leave.

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Nuttapol Sangthongchay / Getty Images


Give her a space all her own

Make her room unequivocally her. A custom seating area paired with modern lighting and fairy lights create this safe haven. She can read, do her homework, or even take a nap in this happy, little nook. Personalize it by adding her favorite books, paintings, pictures, and stuffed animals.

Share to PinterestBedroom Nook
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Feel a little blue

Who says being blue is a bad thing? This beautiful bedroom creates a layering effect with assorted shades of blue. The patterned walls draw you in, and then you begin to notice the many coordinated accents. From the deep blue rug to the sky blue shelf and over to the turquoise bedding, she will never be sad in this blue room.

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Add a statement piece

Find a statement piece to make her room really stand out. This bright pink dressing table and recovered chair are a bold statement. Scour flea markets, antique shops, or your own attic to find a piece that she can personalize. Let her pick out colors and fabrics to truly make it her own.

Share to PinterestPink dressing table and chair
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Help her aim for the stars

Take her interests and intermingle them with style elements to create an amazing space that will let her shine like the star she is. Chic pillows and comfortable cushions create this space where she can stare at the stars until (and after) the sun comes up. Lighted signs and star stickers give the space a little twinkle.

Share to PinterestSeating area with telescope
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Let her sparkle

Fairy lights can add a little sparkle to any space. She'll love making her own designs and uses for them. When she's younger, they may even double as a night light. Multiple sizes and shapes of lights create more depth in this room, and the dangling pictures give it a more personal touch.

Share to PinterestBedroom with fairy lights
svetikd / Getty Images


Go a little Bohemian

Her inner Bohemian will surely come out in this room. This patterned pouf and natural fiber rugs fuse with the wicker chair and linen tent to create a soft, billowy look that inspires anyone's creativity. She'll love the room for its comfort and functionality, and you'll love the chic fabrics and colors.

Share to PinterestBoho Bedroom
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