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Creative and Functional Upgrades for Your Camper

By Paula Ramirez
Share to PinterestCreative and Functional Upgrades for Your Camper

If you're truly passionate about a life on the road, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Your camper is your home away from home, so having a space that evokes relaxation and style can make the experience, and the memories, all the more enjoyable. Thankfully, you don't have to spend big bucks to make life-changing revisions; brimming with creativity, these easy upgrades can all take your outdoor adventures to the next level.


Paint and reupholster

A touch of color is the easiest way to make an impact: simple, yet chic. Select a color or theme that suits your style — or the existing hardware, if this is the only change you're making right now — then paint your seating in this designated shade. Reupholster in a coordinating hue, using pillows and curtains that align with the look. This revamp can completely transform your interior without shelling out too much cash (especially if you get thrifted fabrics), and it results in a much homier feel, too.


A tiny touch of tile

You're used to backsplash in the home, so why should your camper be any exception? The ideal marriage of fashion and function, a small portion of tile can work wonders for your bitty kitchen. Place a small grid behind the sink or around the cabinetry, and you'll achieve a glamorous upgrade that's easy to clean while warding off splashes and stains. With so many options on the market, there's a tile type for every lifestyle and budget, and you might even be able to splurge on the dreamy one, since you'll only need to fill a few square feet!


Hang some lights

Lighting will instantly enliven your camper's interior, bringing luminescence during dreary days while making it easier to enjoy your nights in. Opt for simple lighting over sleeping spaces and in living areas; a rotating bulb or hanging lights make a big-time impact with minimal effort. Additionally, the hanging variety in your kitchen creates a luxurious ambiance and makes enjoying late-night meals a snap.


Embrace the Butcher's block

A butcher's block can transform your kitchen from basic to pretty and pro in one simple step. Made of assembled wood, you can select a stylish concoction of maple, oak, birch, or walnut, helping you achieve a high-end aesthetic for way less cost than a regular kitchen. The functional aspect goes without saying; you can now chop or cut to your heart's content while using the space as an additional dining area. Voila!


Source little furniture

Vintage and thrift shops are worlds of wonder for the camper makeover enthusiast. Spend an hour browsing, and you'll notice dozens of sleek and affordable pieces that can easily squeeze into small spaces. Want more memorable stuff? Stop into local shops while you're on the road!

Source out pieces that add to the daily living experience without requiring much room, and anything that can do double or triple duty is a definite win. Think restaurant-style chairs or stools — or collapsible ones — comfy floor cushions, desks, and nest-style seating for the ultimate in relaxation and function at an affordable price.


Don't hesitate to mix and match colors and patterns

Think outside the design box. Play with color and pattern in any way you see fit. From red curtains to blue cabinetry, flowers to stripes, experiment with colors and patterns to design a one-of-a-kind niche you'll love coming walking into. Your camper is a chance to go wild with your decor and incorporate all the aspects that might be "too much" in a house.



Don't forget the greenery

Greenery adds a dose of happiness, so embrace its potential with tasteful touches of flowers and plants. A shrub in the corner fosters instant feelings of home, while roses in the kitchen make for sweet-smelling days in. Hanging plants in the sleeping area the adventure potential with a jungle-like ambiance, but that's just the beginning. Incorporate your favorite nature elements throughout your camper to really bring the outdoors you obviously love, in. One big perk: most campers get quite a bit of light, so you can probably see some houseplants flourish that might not make it in darker houses.


Always be thinking storage potential

In something as small as a camper, fashion has no place when it's not functional. Luckily, storage can nestle its way just about anywhere in a camper, from under the seating to above the table. In the sleeping area, storage can be incorporated underneath the mattress with the most basic cabinetry, making it easy to store extra clothes, blankets, and other necessities. Build your own or repurpose Ikea and other space-savvy pieces to ensure you never want for hidey-holes.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can’t still be high style

You can take pride in your tiny vacation space while still going upscale on the additions and upgrades. With the right design choices, your camper can have the high style of a five-star hotel. We're talking stainless steel sinks, luxe tile and cabinetry, touches of gold, and posh, pint-sized display pieces. If it feels comfortable and comforting to you, it has a place inside your home on the road.


Consider keeping it simple

Alternatively, embrace your small space for exactly what it is: a peaceful retreat that lets you get away from it all. Take a minimalist approach by removing elements you don't use or no longer need, and maximize the ones you do enjoy. A snug sleeping space can transform into paradise with piles of blankets and pillows, for instance, while the rest of your trailer remains simple. Choose where to focus the flourishes — go for the expensive duvet and little else, or the stunning gold sconce against the rustic chipping paint — and you'll have a homey niche that speaks to your soul.



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