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Create the Perfect Minimalist Bedroom
Create the Perfect Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalism has been an interior design trend for a long time now. One of the reasons it continues to be so popular is that a simple, uncluttered space can help to keep things organized, calm the mind, and unwind after a difficult day — it really makes your space a sanctuary. If you're hoping to create a minimalist bedroom, you do not have to spend huge amounts of time or money. Many design tweaks and techniques can inject a pared-back, classy esthetic into your sleeping space.


Invest in low furniture

Low bed and furniture ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

One of the best ways to make a room feel bright, airy, and uncluttered is to fill it with low, unimposing furniture. This means investing in a low bed, small bedside tables, and minimal shelving. If you're a book lover, try piling your favorite volumes into a neat stack on the floor rather than surrounding yourself with large bookshelves. If possible, most of your books should be stored elsewhere in the home, such as in the dining room or home office. For a budget-friendly approach, choose just one of these changes, or see how you can lower your existing furniture (for example — do your bed frame legs come off?)


Choose an accent color

Pink accent bedroom ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

Many people believe that minimalism requires homeowners to embrace only neutral colors, but it doesn't have to be that way. An accent wall can embrace a single tone — blue, pink, or green, for instance — and this color can serve as an accent in other decor, as well. Leave the rest of the walls white and avoid a "cluttered" feel by minimizing the other colors competing for attention in the space. You might paint your dresser drawers in your accent color, or find some bed sheets in just the right shade.


Invest in some blinds

Minimalist blinds onurdongel / Getty Images

Blinds are perfect for minimalist bedrooms as they offer simple, clean lines and are much less imposing than curtains. If it's in your budget to get a bit fancy, select blinds in a mute color that include motorized mechanisms for easy opening and closing. One of the best things about the minimalist esthetic is that it feels super modern and complements modern technologies very well.


Make the most of natural light

Natural light flooding into bedroom Eoneren / Getty Images

Nothing lifts the spirits more effectively than a dose of natural light. If you're moving into a new home and can't decide on the best room for your minimalist sleeping space, try selecting the one with the most natural light. Keep furniture away from the windows so that plenty of light is allowed to enter the bedroom. Position your bed so the morning sun can wake you up naturally.


Carefully select your artwork

Single wall hanging Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Embracing the minimalist esthetic means keeping the amount of artwork you hang on your walls to a minimum. This also means being really choosy about what you hang. Don't worry too much about selecting artwork that is specifically minimalist or adheres to a modern style. Simply select a wall hanging that means something to you and that you're excited to waking up to on a regular basis.


Combine textures

Minimalist texture combinations Scovad / Getty Images

Because of the pared-back color scheme and overall esthetic minimalism demands, direct any eclectic longings toward textures, instead. This could mean investing in rugged wooden floorboards, a shaggy carpet, a shiny acrylic desk, or a velvet-upholstered chair. Just make sure to balance out hard, rough textures with plenty of soft furnishings, and vice versa.


Install recessed lighting

recessed lighting bedroom

A minimalist bedroom requires soft, unimposing ambient light that maintains a calm and inviting sense once the sun has set. Recessed lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this — because it is hidden in the wall, you won't be blinded by harsh bulbs, and your room will appear almost as though it is glowing. Cutting nooks out of the wall is a great option, but a ton of work. Building in frames that come out from the wall and setting lighting behind them is an excellent — and less costly — alternative.


Add metallic decor

Metallic wall art ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

Metallic decor can look fantastically futuristic and will blend in well with your minimalist esthetic. Look around for items in gold, silver, or copper, such as vases, lampshades, bedside shelves, sculptures, and wall art. If you're willing to do a little DIY, you could even spray paint items in metallic colors for decorative purposes. Remember, you don't need to fill the space with these items. One or two pieces is plenty.


Include lots of storage space

Under-bed storage timltv / Getty Images

Though minimalism encourages parting with unnecessary clothing and dust-catchers, it also prompted a ton of brilliant storage solutions for making it look like you have less stuff. After all, clutter is the enemy of minimalism. If you consider yourself somewhat of a fashionista, a wardrobe with clean, simple lines is one of the best investments you will ever make as it will provide ample space for your treasured shoes and garments while keeping your bedroom neat and tidy. Alternatively, you could invest in a bed with built-in drawers to keep your possessions stored safely out of the way.


Keep things dark and mysterious

Black and grey color scheme Bulgac / Getty Images

If you're interested in minimalism but bored of light neutrals, dare to embrace a color scheme of charcoal blacks and dark greys. This could mean adding black shutters, a black dresser, black wall art, and even dark-colored plants. To ensure the space does not end up feeling too dingy or oppressive, balance it out with some reflective white walls, a big mirror, and a few metallic objects.




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