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Cozy up Your Home with Throw Blanket Decor

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestCozy up Your Home with Throw Blanket Decor

Look at that undecorated room as if it were a blank canvas, and you're the artist who's creating a mixed-media masterwork. Even something as simple as blankets can liven up your living space.

Use trendy throws as your functional medium. Highlight with handcrafted quilts. Accent via vintage afghans. Add a personalized sense of comfortable style to your home with these easy and effective ideas. They're fun to put together, plus most will cost you absolutely nothing.


The full-coverage plan

Draping a blanket over a piece of furniture is a strategic move. If you have stains, tears, frayed edges, or anything else that's unbecoming, a throw will hide it easily. Plus, it's a great way to feature a wonderful design. If you made or were gifted a handcrafted afghan, unfurl it so everyone can see its uniqueness. The work that went into it deserves attention, so take advantage of the full-coverage option.


Throw that throw anywhere

Chuck it onto your bed. Fling it across a loveseat. Pitch it over a recliner. Let the chips fall where they may and style your home with a natural flow.

A tossed throw blanket is the messy-bun of home decor: it's casual, comfy, contemporary, charming, and chill. Trendy and always in style, it fits a certain attitude, embodying a relaxed, go-with-the-flow lifestyle. If this is who you are, let your pad reflect this mood. Stage a scene that rolls with lived-in, haphazard, and cozy vibes.


A neat, tidy, orderly seat

Keep your look crisp and uncluttered. If you're into minimalist design, a simple and organized style will suit your home best. Fold your throw blankets precisely with sleek and sharp lines. Place them on sitting areas throughout the room. This will paint a clean-cut geometric flair of rectangles and squares.

If you want to highlight a throw instead of blending it into its surroundings, accent a sofa, chair, or loveseat by using it as a furniture cover. Add an easy dash of color or a quaint pattern to your organized space by emphasizing a single area with a neatly-folded blanket.


Nothing beats pleats

Are you feeling a bit daring? Do you like your style to be classic but noticed? Pleating a blanket is a great way to grab attention and make a focal point from even the simplest of throw patterns.

A vintage family quilt can work especially well with this layout, too. Just open it up over a couch and take a minute or two to stagger a few pleated creases into it. This design also looks ideal as soft and gentle nursery decor.


Turn bland blanket storage into sculpted style

Throw blankets are cozy and inviting, but too many of them set out at once can be overkill. There's no need to bury them in a closet, though. Instead, you can draw attention to your collection by hiding it in plain sight.

Grab a cool woven basket, an antique wooden box, or any other container. Stash a few of your extra throws in it, letting a corner or two spill over the sides. This is a simple storage solution that doubles as home decor. And if your space is limited, you can set this up under a bench, stand, or end table. Have easy access to your supply without taking up additional room.


Matching up a masterpiece

Tie your living space together with a coordinating look. Take your mixed decor and sync it up with blankets.

Using a solid neutral color or a tone that reflects your overall atmosphere, invest in a few throws for a complementary effect. Thick or textured materials will add an especially nice touch. Toss in a couple of matching accent pillows to further emphasize the look.


Rack it without all the racket

Create an elegant and lively display by hanging your eclectic blankets on a rack. As an added bonus, your setup will have a minimal footprint. It's a space-saving way to incorporate a one-of-a-kind conversation piece into any area.

Consider using an old wooden ladder, a wall-mounted antique clothes dryer, or a more contemporary storage rack.


Make a mural

Unravel that detailed quilt and use it as art. Cover up those bare and boring walls with a fun and funky blanket. Toss an afghan over a sturdy curtain rod for a functional display. Or take the vertical setup out of the equation and use a throw as an unconventional bedspread instead. Get creative with the ways to show off your style.


Rest it on an armrest

Don't forget about the appeal of classic methods. Blankets are a nice touch to not only accent a seating area but also add a layer of protection, saving on the furniture's wear and tear. If your tastes lean toward time-honored traditions, placing a folded or tossed throw onto an armrest is a graceful, confident, and quiet look.

Rocking chairs, recliners, armchairs, sofas, benches, and loveseats are all fair game.


Go retro with a throwback throw

Often inherited or acquired as gifts, vintage handmade afghans are works of art. Take advantage of what they represent by displaying them in all their ancestral glory.

Show off the past with meaningful vintage decor. Keep memories alive and close at hand. Appreciate the time, effort, and skill that went into these treasured items. And if you don't have any, you can find them at a thrift store for next to nothing and imbue them with your own special meaning over time.



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