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Cool Ways to Decorate Your Teen's Bedroom

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestCool Ways to Decorate Your Teen's Bedroom

Designing or decorating a teen’s room can be a bit tricky. Teens aren’t exactly famous for their openness and willingness to communicate, so knowing what they want or need can be a struggle. Then you have to consider your budget and what you can accomplish. Thankfully, there are tons of ideas that provide a unique space for your teen that both of you will love, without breaking the bank.


Get your teen to participate in the renovations

Share to PinterestCool Ways to Decorate Your Teen's Bedroom
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Having a space that’s truly yours is incredibly important, especially for teens who are still growing and discovering who they are. Redecorating a room, even if you have input from the inhabitant, can sometimes feel like an invasion of their personal space. Try and include them as much as possible and make them responsible for parts of the finished product. This can be something simple like painting a wall or something more intensive like finishing a headboard.


Paint a chalkboard wall for creativity and functionality

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Everyone loves to express themselves, but it can be difficult to find outlets to do so. One of the biggest and coolest DIY products from recent years is chalkboard paint, which transforms any wall into a massive chalkboard. Artistic individuals can decorate it with hand-drawn illustrations, but chalkboard walls can also be practical: from to-do lists and calendars to homework and motivational messages, the options are endless. The best part is that when there’s no writing on it, it looks like a plain accent wall.


Add fun storage ideas to keep it tidy but stylish

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There is no doubt that teens are messy. Most teenagers’ rooms constantly alternate between slight disorganization and complete disarray. But, with some DIY magic, you can help your teen keep their room tidy while maintaining the room’s aesthetic. Pegboards are a great place for coats, hats, or anything else you need to hang. If you dislike the look of pegboard, try covering it in fabric and punching out the holes you need. For rooms that lack space, consider using a bed frame that features built-in drawers.


Go with eclectic decor

As teens constantly grow and develop, their interests also shift and evolve. While they’re well on their way to being adults, they’re also still kids at heart. Make sure to include some fun, eclectic decor to keep the room feeling fresh and not too serious. If your ceiling is compatible, hanging chairs are a great addition to any teen’s room. Papasan chairs are also extremely popular and comfortable. Other cool pieces like rustic string lights or odd-shaped decor with bright colors can add visual flair to a room.


Make your teen's room a hangout spot

Many rooms simply can’t host more than a couple of people, which becomes a problem when friends come over. Try and keep some open floor space, but also include an area where your teen can hang out with their friends. This could be a full-sized couch or it could simply be a couple of beanbag chairs. Whatever you choose to do, remember to make it functional and comfortable. Some chairs may look great but are horrible for their actual purpose.


Let them proudly display their hobbies and interests

A major part of having your own room is making the space truly yours. When you start planning your redecoration project, don’t marry yourself to it. At the end of the day, this is your teen’s room and it should feel like theirs. Include shelves, bookcases, or desks where they can display some of their interests or hobbies. Allow them to hang up posters or art that they enjoy. If you’re worried about damaging the walls, try poster tape or glue dots.


Add a workspace

Whether it’s for schoolwork or their other interests, chances are your teen needs space to work. If you’re including a desk, choose one with some storage and a large work area. There’s nothing worse than lacking a place to store your work utensils while also having no room to actually work. Perhaps the most important thing is making sure that their sitting options are comfortable and support healthy posture.


Add a loft bed for a fun touch and to save space

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Many rooms lack the space for including everything your teen wants in their bedroom. One of the coolest things you can do to any room is to add a loft bed. Not only does this elevate the bed to create plenty of usable space, but it also looks incredibly dynamic. Plus, there are tons of options for building a loft bed. Place a desk underneath the loft or throw in some cabinets for additional storage.


Get creative with lighting

There’s nothing wrong with some standard soft white lights, but including some creative lighting choices can bring out the best in a room. If some of your furniture doesn’t quite reach the wall, place some LED strips behind them to transform them into accent pieces. String lights provide some soft ambient light while also adding visual appeal. You also can’t go wrong with some simple, but beautiful, floor lamps.


Don’t break the bank

Home renovation and redecorating can become quite costly, especially if you have grand plans. Remember that you don’t always need to break the bank to create a room that’s functional and appealing. Sometimes, something as simple as hanging a nice curtain to create a faux bed canopy is all you need to add to a room’s aesthetic. DIY projects can save you money while also providing you with a fun activity and a unique piece of decor.



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