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Combat Procrastination with These Office Decor Ideas

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestCombat Procrastination with These Office Decor Ideas

Dull and uninspiring offices are the enemy of productivity. If you feel chained to a desk that is devoid of character, color, or style, you are unlikely to feel motivated to work hard. Fortunately, there are plenty of fabulous office decor ideas out there to make your space feel equal parts cozy, chic, and inspiring. Whatever your working style or aesthetic, don't hesitate to start reorganizing and decorating your workstation. Your mental health and attention span will thank you later.


Invest in a desk with wheels

Sitting in exactly the same spot for days on end can feel monotonous and even dent your productivity. Depending on your current office setup, a wheeled desk represents the perfect solution to this problem. If you're a DIY extraordinaire, you may be able to attach some wheels to your existing desk. If not, there are plenty of gorgeous wheeled desks on the market to suit a range of budgets.

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Hide clutter with stylish boxes

Cluttered offices can leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained, and unable to get on with simple tasks. Try hiding your clutter with an assortment of boxes. There are plenty of styles out there to choose from. You could find an antique trunk if you're a fan of a rustic aesthetic, for example. Alternatively, simple cardboard storage boxes are very easy to source and look great in minimalist rooms.

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Paint your walls a bright color

Plain white walls are an office staple. However, they can be a little drab. If you've recently come into your own private office, or you work in the guest bedroom at home, it's a great idea to paint your walls in a color designed to evoke certain emotions. Yellow, for example, inspires optimism and courage, green is associated with balance and harmony, and blue is linked to intelligence and serenity. It is advisable to avoid red, however, as it is the color of anger and hunger, and many decorators agree it's best left to kitchens.

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Frame some images

Surrounding yourself with meaningful artwork or photos of friends and family members is an excellent way to stay motivated. What's more, selecting your images can be really fun. Start by digging through old photo albums and piling up your favorite pictures. Then, find old artworks or paint your own in colors that complement your office space. The possibilities are endless.

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Treat yourself to a candy jar

As well as adding a hint of quirkiness to your desk, an old-fashioned candy jar is a wonderful way to reward yourself for completing a tricky task. Simple source a clear glass jar and fill it with the brightest candy pieces you can find. If you're conscious of your health, swap the candy out for fresh or dried fruit.

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Decorate a pinboard

A pinboard is a classic office staple. However, fewer people are using them nowadays thanks to the rise of digital tools. What many fail to consider in converting to digital is how pretty the analog version can look. Revitalize your workspace with a corkboard and fill it with notes, photographs, kids' drawings, or anything else that will keep you going throughout the day.

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Get the lighting right

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Most of us spend hours at our desks every day, sometimes straining our eyes when the sun starts to set and the office gets dark. To ensure that you stay alert throughout the day, get the lighting right. Table lamps are an important aspect of any desk, but additional ambient lighting pieces such as fairy lights will make the room feel calm and atmospheric. Obviously, natural light can help a lot, but only if it's at the right angle — as in, not leaving a glare on your screen or blinding you — and is bright enough to avoid eye strain.


Arrange some plants

Filling your office with plants will keep the air fresh and boost your mood on rainy days. Succulents are a good option for forgetful types as they do not require too much watering. Alternatively, a peace lily or an orchid may suit workers who appreciate the beauty of flowers. There is a potted plant option for every workspace, regardless of how much natural light it receives.

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Put up some bookshelves

It is difficult to feel bored or unmotivated in a room full of books, particularly if reading is an important part of your job. What's more, full shelves are becoming quite the fashion statement as homeworkers compete to show off their book collections during online Zoom meetings.

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Move your desk closer to the window

This may seem a little counterintuitive, but most workers thrive when they are able to take a look out of the window. Rather than distracting us, enjoying the view can spark creativity and keep us feeling grounded. If your view leaves a little to be desired, can you move somewhere else so you at least get a change of scenery? If not, consider hanging engaging photographs in your eye line and change them up regularly.

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