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Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Space

By Paula Ramirez
Share to PinterestCoffee Table Decor Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Space

A coffee table is not just for convenience — with the right style and decor, it can serve as the focal point of your living room. The term "coffee table book" was invented for a reason, right? Spicing up your plain coffee table can transform the whole space and create a magical little corner in your home. You can incorporate so many little details to liven up your space while keeping it fully functional, or go all out and turn it into an art installation. All you need is a little inspiration.


Change it up with seasons

If you don't want anything too over the top, add some seasonal flowers in a vase, one or two candles, and a few relevant books or magazines. That's all it takes to create a minimalist and stylish coffee table design. Changing up the flowers and candle aromas depending on the season is a simple way to keep things fresh.

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Go vintage

Depending on your living room decor, a vintage coffee table on its own could act as an exciting accent in your space. Visit flea markets and experiment with antique vase designs or unique ornaments. With a glamorous old-fashing table, you can choose to keep it free of extra styling so it speaks for itself, or incorporate other authentic finds for an ornate display that would be right at home in Downton's sitting room.

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Step up the surfaces

Share to Pinteresttiered coffee tables

Instead of a conventional coffee table, why not use sculptural cylinders or tall rock-imitations for a tiered or multi-surface arrangement? You won't even have to style it with any extra accessories, as the structures alone will act as decoration, but you can add a book, candle, or pretty coasters if you really don't want to leave it bare. Depending on the color you choose, consider adding some flowers for a color pop against a neutral base.


Stacks on stacks

If you're working with limited space, start stacking things up! This method looks much more interesting than the usual flat arrangement of books and flowers. Try adding a potted plant on a pile of books, or a little bowl of marbles or rocks (or candy!) on a stack of magazines. These personalized tweaks will make the table look less cluttered and more compact, so it's perfect for those looking for a practical yet creative solution.

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Go hard or go home

This one is for design maximalist: go bold with a massive coffee table that takes up lots of space, then add a wide or tall vase and bright flower arrangements, stacks of books or interesting magazines, some candles, and more. Consider a runner or figurine collection ... the bigger the better!

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Try ottomans

If you find conventional coffee tables boring or you know you mostly want one for its footrest potential, why not opt for an ottoman instead?  You can have either three small pieces or one large one. Even though they're soft, most ottomans are still firm enough to top with a silver or wood tray that can hold a vase of flowers and a couple of coffee mugs. Many come with removable tops so you can store extra linens, and they're usually sturdy enough to act as additional seating if you have too many guests for the couch.

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Show your passion

Share to Pinterestcollectables on coffee table

A coffee table can act as a display space for your favorite collectibles, be they books, unique figurines, or antique boxes. Some books are meant to serve primarily as a decorative element, so if you collect these, display them with pride! Such items also make great conversation starters. You can also break it up with trays or other items so that your coffee table is an organized art sanctuary that proudly proclaims your personal interests.


Experiment with heights

Another clever to trick for adding a new dimension to your coffee table is to choose items of varying height for display. Combine a tall vase with flowers, tapered candles, and a stack of books with a small box or another quaint element on top to achieve the look. This option is great if you're going for something simple but still want your coffee table to appear original and unique.

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Add the shine

Share to PinterestMetallic objects

Incorporate some metallic pieces for that modern, polished feel. Metal offers a simple way of elevating your living room space. Some people go for a top-to-bottom metallic theme, but these shiny pieces work great as a standalone focal point amid varied textures or matte neutrals. Whether it's a striking statue, abstract ornament, or burnished vintage candle holders, it's all about the little details.

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Embrace Mother Nature

Adding a few nature-inspired stylistic details into your modern home will create a cosy, rustic space for you and your guests. Think rough wood carvings, polished stones, water features, dried flowers, or seashells in a subtle, simple bowl. Stack one of these on top of a coffee table book of West Coast redwoods and you've created a calming outdoorsy nook right in the comfort of your urban oasis.

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