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Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Small Bedroom

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestBudget-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Small Bedroom

It's no secret that having a small bedroom is restrictive. You don't have a lot of area to work with and if everything is packed in, it can start to feel suffocating. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to make the most of teeny sleeping spaces.

The key is to focus on functionality and practicality. Pack a few small-space decorating ideas into your design arsenal to help make the most of even the itty-bittiest of bedrooms.


Use an area rug

If you're looking to add warmth and color accents to your bedroom, an area rug is an excellent option. In addition to protecting your floor, rugs bring in a pop of color and can help create an overall cohesive aesthetic.

Rugs are available at a wide variety of prices, depending on the material and quality of construction. The higher-quality materials tend to be more expensive than their cheaper counterparts — they can last longer and are more durable, but more and more affordable varieties are coming available that will suit both your budget and your style.


Get multi-purpose furniture

It's tricky to find a tiny bedroom that can accommodate all the things we "need," and finding a way to organize all that stuff isn't easy either. Multi-purpose furniture is one of the best solutions for small living areas.

For example, a captain's bed with drawers under the mattress is a fantastic way to utilize space and add storage to a compact bedroom (though bins under a regular bed work great, too!).


Add art to your walls

Even though putting more in your room might seem like it should make it feel smaller, the right artwork can actually make a space feel bigger — it's almost like magic!

Artwork is a wonderful way to add color, texture, and depth. Creating a focal point is what helps a room seem larger than it really is, as long as the piece is the right size. Express yourself without giving up precious floor space by incorporating some kind of wall-mounted artsy element.


Install floor to ceiling curtains

A tiny window in an already small bedroom can really add insult to injury. Luckily, floor-to-ceiling curtains are an excellent fix, especially for a bedroom where you probably have the blinds drawn for the majority of the time you're there!

Outsized curtains — those that are hung above the top of the window, hang to the floor or well below the window, and start and end wider than the window — make a room feel larger by drawing attention upward and outward rather than right at that little porthole. The folds of the fabric also add depth, implying space that's not really there.


Light up your bedside

If you enjoy reading, journaling, or doing a crossword in bed, you need an over-bed light. You don't want to be straining your eyes to see a page in the dark or exposing yourself to damaging blue light from electronics right before you go to sleep.

Thankfully, having a dedicated reading light solves all these problems, and the options are endless. From wall-mounted to clamp-style to narrow table-top, choose one that fits your style and your space.


Use a nightstand with storage

The simple table beside your bed is essential to hold your book, lamp, and charging phone, but to really do more for your small sleep space, look for a nightstand that has well-designed storage. Whether you use those drawers and shelves for extra novels and your journal or clothing and "stuff" storage, don't let this space go to waste.

If floor space is particularly limited, look for a nightstand that is hung on the wall or off the side of your headboard. Many are available with a little drawer attached so you can still make the most of the furniture.


Make your nightstand multi-purpose

We've already discussed the wonders of a nightstand with storage, but this handy piece of furniture can have even more benefits. Choose something wide and let it double as a writing desk, or get lots of drawers and have it hold most of your clothes or even your shoes!

In addition to your phone charger, attach a power bar to the back and make the shelf your dedicated charging station for everything from your Air Buds to your camping headlamp!


Add a headboard

Though a headboard might feel like an unnecessary and bulky addition to a small bedroom, the right one can add texture and even vital storage, not to mention a design element that can be customized to fit your style and personality.

Find one with some shelves, or keep it simple and use the edge for a clamp-style reading lamp. If you go for something with storage and are super short on space, you could even keep undies and other small items (like your hair products, for example) in pretty boxes or baskets on the shelves.


Upgrade to tufted bedding

Whether you're living in a luxury home or a tiny apartment, tufted bedding can transform a basic, small bedroom into a boudoir with a dreamy touch that begs to be snuggled in.

And even if tufted isn't your style, make sure your bedding really emphasizes your design tastes — after all, you only have so much room to make this place feel like home, right? Are you looking for something bright and cheery? Or maybe something dark and mysterious? The bed has a major footprint, so make sure it sings!


Go plaid

Another great and versatile option for your bedroom is plaid linens. These days, this pattern is available in just about every color combo and fabric. Create a cozy, rustic atmosphere with plaid pillows as accent pieces, or embrace this design and pick up an entire set of matching bedding.

Solid-colored plaids are perfect if you want something simple, and checkerboard plaids are great for those with bolder tastes.



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