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Brighten Your Mornings With Inspiring Breakfast Nook Ideas

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestBrighten Your Mornings With Inspiring Breakfast Nook Ideas

A stylish breakfast nook creates a bevy of benefits for your abode, from supplementing kitchen counter space to opening up additional seating. A well-designed space fosters a cozy atmosphere where your household members can do much more than just dine; the right nook is ideal for playing games, doing crafts, or just gathering after a long day.

Not sure where to start? A little inspiration goes a long way toward designing the ideal space for any style or budget.


Make a statement with lighting

With the right lighting, your nook will remain useful long after the breakfast dishes are cleared. Aim for a calm, cozy corner, then highlight the area with your choice of bold statement lighting.

From boho bulbs to oversized chandeliers, there's a masterpiece to suit every style, and this one piece will instantly define the entire corner. Statement lighting also separates the breakfast nook from the rest of the kitchen, making it larger, more inviting — just yearning to be lived in.


Use space to your advantage

A custom-built bench can work wonders for any room, and your breakfast nook is no exception. Maximize space by revamping your bench into the ideal combination of style and function. With the right design, a banquette bench offers more than just seating; you can store everything needed for Sunday brunches beneath the lid, or tuck away wine bottles or nonperishables in a rack on each side.

With everything just a reach away, you'll eliminate excess runs to the kitchen and can simply sit back, relax, and savor your newfound sanctuary.


Aim for a restaurant-style experience

The right wallpaper can transform your space from basic to above and beyond. Give your breakfast nook the feel of a high-end restaurant with an ornate wallpaper design. Whether you're craving a vintage vibe or a chic, bold hue, wallpaper is instantly elevating, enabling you to design an area that's truly one-of-a-kind. Cushiony seating adds to the experience, giving your visitors an upscale ambiance that will have them staying through lunch (whether you want them to or not!).


Well-lit = instant hit

Never underestimate the power of natural lighting. Situate your space against a window so breakfast guests can watch the sunrise or keep an eye on kids or pets enjoying the outdoors. A well-lit space makes your nook instantly inviting, so it becomes a go-to destination to start the day.

Not only that, but research reveals that natural lighting makes people happier, calmer, and more productive.


It can be its own special space...

Elevate your breakfast experience by separating the nook into its own special space. It should be a safe distance from the rest of the kitchen and have its own unique ambiance, just like any other room.

Here, go wild by selecting coordinating colors, furniture, and wallpaper that transform the nook into something all its own. Going beyond breakfast, guests will want to lay back and relax or have a snack here any time of the day.


...But it doesn’t have to be

Even the smallest space can become a picturesque morning retreat, lending itself to intimate conversations and meals on sleepy Sunday mornings. Rather than experimenting with a separate color and decor scheme, let your nook blend into the kitchen or dining room by playing with color and coordinating pieces.

The wall around your nook can match the kitchen countertops and dishware, for instance, or your couch and pillows can coordinate with those spaces. Experiment with the color wheel to make your nook feel more approachable.


Go wild with whimsy

Much like a bathroom, a breakfast nook is small enough that you can go bold without fear. And what could be more endearing than whimsical, breakfast-themed art? Toast to fun, adorable pieces centered around everyone's favorite meal. Whether you settle for one statement piece or shop around for coordinating paintings that catch your eye, art carves out room for conversation while defining the space.

Match your tableware, napkins, and towels for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Fun for the whole crew

If you're infatuated with entertaining and have sufficient space, carve out room for the whole crew. Whether it's friends coming together or extended family savoring a meal, your space can feel fresh and welcoming by incorporating wrap-around seating.

Use a transforming table that pulls out, and pair it with extra seating around the edge. Whether guests pull out a chair or settle in on the couch, they'll always feel right at home.


Just big enough for two

Desiring a more intimate experience? Carve out space for a small table and two chairs in front of an existing window, painting, or that empty wall you have been wondering what to do with. A small round table doesn't require much space, but it can quickly become cozy when coordinating rugs, pillows, and plateware are incorporated into the design.

Now, that uncomfortable corner has become an approachable setting just for two. Ideal for unwinding and enjoying a quick meal together, this cozy nook is everything you need for enchanting mornings.


Do double-duty

Storage takes many forms. Elevated seating, for instance, leaves space for storage boxes underneath. Fill them with everything you need for morning meals, and you'll be ready to assemble the household in no time.

Storage on the side is another excellent trick; just a small stack of cabinets next to your seating arrangement leaves drawers open for your own mini bar, wine storage, tableware, extra pillows and blankets, or whatever you see fit.



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