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Bedroom Headboard Ideas That Add Oompf

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestBedroom Headboard Ideas That Add Oompf

Headboards create a unique focal point for your bedroom, and they're functional, too. Some have handy compartments or shelves, while others provide added comfort. Your choice of backing can quietly complement the surrounding decor or add a pop of color or texture. Whether you’re buying your first headboard or replacing the one you already have, why not choose one with maximum impact in a style you love?


Wood headboards fit a range of decor styles

Versatile, durable, and classic, wood headboards work with traditional, rustic, and contemporary interiors. For an Old World vibe, a handcrafted or barn wood version is a perfect choice. Wood not only boosts the warmth in a room but adds visual appeal and texture, too. Some wooden headboards feature stained, painted, or distressed finishes. Others are intricately carved. You’ll find solid wood versions as well as laminates and composites, all of which are durable but vary in cost.

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Metal headboards fit every style

Depending on its finish, metal adapts to and enhances just about any interior decor. If you’re going for an industrial style, stick with matte black or thoughtfully rusted metals. Elevate contemporary interiors by adding a stainless steel headboard, or consider chrome or copper finishes for modern styles. Scrollwork enhances metal finishes and adds elegance to a romantic, heirloom, or boho-style bedroom. If you’re seeking something more eclectic, go for a headboard with a combination of metal finishes.

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Check out natural fibers, like wicker

If you love texture, a headboard made from wicker, rattan, or other natural fibers is the way to go. These materials enhance coastal and country bedrooms but fit with a variety of other decors as well. Look for those made from natural fibers you may not have considered, such as a banana leaf and wood combination. Not only are wicker and rattan durable materials, but you’ll also find a huge array of colors, weaves, and styles available.

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Upholstered headboards are tried-and-true

Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are popular choices for upholstered headboards. Choose lighter colors for traditional decors. Velvet, suede, and leather are luxuriously chic and a bit edgier. You’ll also find headboards in a range of polyester blends, vinyl, and other synthetic fabrics. Leatherette is a less expensive alternative made with natural or synthetic fibers coated in PVC or polyurethane. Not all upholstered headboards have the same amount of padding. Less gives you a more streamlined look, while fuller, plumper stuffing adds cozy comfort.

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Panel headboards create ambiance

When you hear the term “panel,” you might picture simple, clean lines and basic styles. But you’ll find a plethora of panel headboard styles that fit any decor. Most are rectangular and sit at the top of the bed. Others have interesting features, such as curved or sloped shapes, ornate outer edges, or decorative nailheads. Available in upholstered, wood, rattan, wicker, and creative combinations of the above, the panel headboard is versatile enough that you won’t need to change it out every time you freshen up your decor. This is also one of the easiest headboard types to construct yourself!

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Open-frames add intricate design elements

If you like casual, free-flowing designs, consider the open-frame headboard. Many have metallic finishes, but you’ll find eye-pleasing designs in wood or rattan, too. Most open-frames have an outer frame that surrounds the interior fretwork, creating a visual impact that makes it an obvious focal point. Choose simple vertical rails, like slats or a spindle headboard, or more intricate, geometric patterns for additional flair.

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Storage headboards offer functional fun

Bookcase or cabinet headboards optimize space in tiny rooms. Some offer latched compartments, while others maintain easy access with open cubbies and convenient shelving. Keep books within easy reach. Hide extra linens or blankets in the compartments. Store decorative throw pillows inside instead of tossing them on the floor. You’ll also discover styles with drawers, and compartments that face out from the sides rather than the front of the headboard, for a more streamlined but equally practical option.

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Wraparounds and wingbacks are cozy

Perfect for any decor, wraparounds and wingbacks may not be on your list of headboard ideas, but they should be. Bedrooms are cozy, comfortable spaces and your bed is its star attraction. Wraparounds offer pod-like coziness, creating a uniquely personal space where you can feel snug and safe. Think of wingbacks as a cross between the upholstered headboard and the wraparounds, full of charm and personality. Both types are generally upholstered and tufted for added comfort. Best of all, you’ll have no problem finding the ideal shade or pattern for your color or design scheme.

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Shine on with lighted headboards

Unique, decorative headboards personalize your space, but they’re even better when they have a functional feature as well. Built-in LED lights bump up the usefulness of an attractive, trendy headboard. If you prefer a more traditional look, choose a classic headboard with sconces that serve as reading lights for nighttime book perusing. Look for lighted models that operate via touch controls often, a tap on the headboard turns the lights off or on. You’ll also find tufted or mirrored options to enhance visual impact and comfort.

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Be guided by feng shui

If positive chi is your goal, make sure your bed is in the commanding position, facing the door, but not in line with it when lying in bed. Stick with solid headboards, and avoid slats, bars, or other open-frame types, which allow chi — energy — to flow over you and escape through the openings on the headboard. A wooden or upholstered headboard with softened edges and corners is perfect for good feng shui. Tall, upholstered headboards not only create good feng shui, but they also provide a greater impact and make low ceilings feel higher.

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