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Bathroom Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestBathroom Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

When thinking about home organization, the bathroom might not instantly come to mind. You've focused on getting your home office just right, and your kitchen flows so well you don't think twice. But what about those minutes spent searching for your hairbrush? Or the frustration of digging through that stack of towels in the corner on the floor? With much of our daily routines centered around the bathroom, it makes sense to turn our attention to keeping this space organized with a logical flow that simplifies these essential moments.


Small but mighty space savers

Share to Pinterestshelf above toilet

Even the smallest bathroom tends to have a blank wall above the toilet. You may be tempted to hang decor here (you've done that already haven't you?) but you're missing out on a glorious space saving opportunity! Use that blank space wisely and affix a floating shelf perfect for storing bath essentials. Stick to neutral shades, such as white or natural wood, for an upscale feel. If eco-friendly is more your thing, try repurposing wooden crates to create shelving. Avoid putting holes in the wall by positioning a free standing ladder shelf or cabinet unit designed for over-the-toilet storage. Don't forget the top of the toilet itself: perch a basket or decorative tray here to store items.


The right time for rails

With such a vast array of storage possibilities that come with rails, it's easy to get excited. Matte black, chrome, nickle, or wood, there's a rail to match any decor. Rails can be fixed to any open space in your bathroom and configured to your needs. Fix multiple rods to the wall and hang towels directly on them. Use S-hooks to add various accessories, such as baskets and containers. Attach a rail on the wall in your shower or over your bathtub and use S-hooks to hang your scrubs and washcloths, then add hanging wire baskets for convenient storage of your other bath necessities.

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With canisters, anything goes

Share to Pinterestcanisters bathroom storage

Dumping clumps of cotton balls on a shelf beside your stack of Q-tips just doesn't please in the aesthetics department. Look to canisters. Whether it be acrylic or glass, bamboo, or ceramic, there's plenty of opportunity to show off your storage style while stashing things away. Go clear to store pretty soaps and bath salts alongside your cotton rounds or hide away razor heads in a matte black ceramic canister for a bold look. Step it up by ditching the plastic toilet brush holder in favor of an attractive vase instead.


Find spaces in unexpected places

With a bit of creative thinking, bathroom storage can be created anywhere and it doesn't have to break the bank. Look under the sink. Adhere adhesive hooks to the inside of your cabinet door for hanging bulky hair tools. Keep it ultra organized by using adhesives to fix small acrylic organizers alongside to store hair accessories and mount a wire rack underneath for hair products. Extend this idea to the space behind your medicine cabinet door. No cabinet? No problem. For an inexpensive option, tuck a small stool under or beside the sink to add counter space.

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Multitasking isn't just for work

Bring the kitchen into the bathroom. Before you leave disgusted, consider how items in your kitchen can make the most of your bathroom space! A kitchen utensil holder can also hold your toiletries. Get glamorous and store your makeup brushes in a Moscow mule mug. Bring in a paper towel roll to stack bracelets or keep your jewelry sorted in those little appetizer plates you never use. A tiered serving tray makes for a stylish toilet paper display, and a spice rack can serve as an excellent countertop shelf.

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It doesn't have to be permanent

Share to Pinterestmultipurpose bathroom storage

Temporary storage allows for a versatile and cost-effective way to change things up. Look to self-adhesive magnetic tape for a creative storage solution. Stick a strip on the inside of your vanity cabinet door and keep your nail tools, tweezers and hair pins tucked away, perfectly organized. Roll in a bar cart and store multiple items such as towels and toilet paper on the bottom and vanity items on the top. Toss out those old magazines and use the rack to store hand towels. That night table in the spare bedroom? All-in-one bathroom storage.


Put a hole in the wall

Share to Pinterestrecessed shelf bathroom

If the budget allows, consider carving out space in your bathroom. Build niche shelving high and narrow or wide across the wall and make the make the most of wall space in this busy room. Do away with lower cabinet doors to maximize your floor space, or conceal clutter with sliding doors. Take this idea into the shower and store your necessities in a recessed niche for a spa-like appeal.


Pull it out when you need it

Pull out organization is a great way to stow away items and make the most of your bathroom space. Hide laundry hampers or use drawers under your sink for multiple levels of space. With pull out options, you can keep it narrow and maximize height over breadth.

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Hooked on hooks

Whether adhesive, over-the-door or permanent, hooks make the most of your bathroom space while reflecting your personal style. Affix hooks inside cabinets to hang hair tools or inside your shower for your loofah. Over-the-door hooks allow you to hide your wet towels and store your robe. Go for a knob style and adorn your walls with hanging baskets for a versatile storage option.

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The sky's the limit

There's more to say about going vertical. Attach a slim cabinet to the wall for linen storage or, if you have counter space, work your way up by placing a unit directly on the counter. Corner tower cabinets can be wedged in small spaces such as between the shower and toilet. Make it extra handy by designating cabinet space to store bathroom cleaning supplies.

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