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Baby Room Inspiration for Your Next DIY Project

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestBaby Room Inspiration for Your Next DIY Project

If you're expecting a new little bundle of joy, you may be thinking about sprucing up your little one's bedroom. Whether you're just planning to paint the walls or you want to undertake a more involved DIY project, decorating baby's room can be a lovely way to get yourself mentally — and literally — ready for the arrival of a new human and an exciting new chapter in your life.


Create a themed feature wall

If covering the walls with rockets, cute animals, flowers, or other kid-friendly themes feels a bit like overkill to you, you can still inject some much-needed joy and wonder without going overboard. A feature wall is a single wall in your baby's room onto which you can splash bright colours, paste zany wallpaper, and add stickers in a dedicated space, while the other walls remain neutral and calming, perhaps in a color like cream or robin's egg blue. Painting the walls is a great way to get the older kids involved, too. A family DIY session can be a great way to bond before the new arrival.

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Build a Mini Library

Although your newborn won't be reading any time soon, surrounding them with books at an early age will increase their chances of becoming avid readers later in life. Try attaching some simple shelves to the wall in light, neutral colors, for a modern look. You can then start investing in a selection of old classics and new delights filled with bright pictures and sweet stories. Even in their earliest days, your baby will quickly come to love bedtime when it includes listening to you read as they drift off to sleep.

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Set Up a Changing Table

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There's no escaping the fact that early parenthood involves plenty of diaper changes. This means that you will need a sturdy changing table stocked with plenty of fresh diapers and baby wipes to make the process as simple as possible. Rather than investing in an expensive purpose-built changing table, why not repurpose an old dresser to save on money and create a really personalized piece. Paint it or leave it plain and vintage, and attach fun knobs to the drawers perfect for holding baby-related items. Use velcro or add a lip to the top to hold a padded mat, and dangle a mobile above it to keep baby occupied during changing sessions.


Hang a Mobile Above the Crib

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No baby's room is complete without a mobile for the little one to admire as they fall asleep. There are plenty of amazing options on the market, so you should be able to find one that matches your aesthetic or echoes the theme in the baby's room perfectly. Alternatively, mobiles are relatively easy to make if you are so inclined. Source old toys that have been passed down through the family and hang them from criss-crossed dowels, or go whimsical with pom-poms, sparkly papers, or felt cutouts of animals or abstract shapes.


Don't Settle for a Boring Crib

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Your baby's crib represents the focal point of their room, so don't settle for something dull. Rather than choosing a standard white or simple wood option, shop around for colorful yet tasteful cribs. Alternatively, you may wish to try filling the crib with bright and cozy blankets to ensure your baby feels safe and protected. Make sure you research problematic styles or finishes before you buy, so you know you're getting something safe for your little one.


Create a Growth Chart

There are dozens of ways to track your child's growth, and, of course, a wall chart won't be useful for the first year or so, but why not work one into the decor for when your little one starts getting curious about how fast they're growing? Making a chart that can be removed from the wall if you ever move or change rooms is a great way to keep this previous tracker with you forever. Beautiful custom growth charts can be carved from wood, or cut from removable wallpaper. Choose colors that match the bedroom and get as classic or whimsical as you like.


Don't Be Afraid of Antiques

Some parents are reluctant to add family heirlooms or antique items to their baby's room, deeming them unsuitable for a young child. But not only can an old armoire or sideboard make a beautiful addition to a child's room, if it's something they aren't frequently interacting with, it's likely to be safe. Add to this that you've just created a lifelong memory; imagine gifting your adult child with an old piece from their nursery that they can now cherish in their own him.

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Optimize Storage Space

One of the biggest problems that new parents face is finding somewhere to store all of their kid's games and plush toys. Between the items you're gifted at every turn and the adorable pieces you can't help but buy when you're out and about, most babies have more toys than they know what to do with, and they quickly become clutter if they don't have a dedicated spot. Maximize storage space by investing in large tubs and boxes that can be stored away in nifty spaces such as under the crib or on top of the dresser. Alternately build shelves above the reach of toddler hands, some with doors and some without, so you can both display and hide those many items.

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Remember to Baby-Proof the Room

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Keeping your child safe should be of paramount importance, so you must remember to baby-proof any sharp edges and minimize any potential risks. This could include investing in a baby monitor, sticking soft padding to any dangerous edges, and adding special barriers to stop your baby from crawling out of their room or falling out of their crib. These days, keeping the room safe for little noggins doesn't have to be an unsightly affair, either. Many companies are coming out with creative and cute safety additions.


Get the Lighting Right

Babies love soft lighting as it helps to keep them calm. Installing special baby lighting can also make life much easier for parents as it can reduce incidences of cry and make nights much more restful. There are plenty of night lights on the market that you may wish to invest in. Alternatively, you could try making your own lampshades.

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