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Autumn Houseplants You Need in your Home

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestAutumn Houseplants You Need in your Home

When summer changes its tune, there’s no reason to give up gardening: grow indoors instead. Autumn is a wonderful time to embark on an exciting journey with some new houseplants.

There are stunning choices available that complement the crisp air and kaleidoscopic outdoor scenery of this beloved season. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, autumn plants create an enhanced living space. This year, liven up those dull areas and dark corners with a splash of warm and vibrant color.



Share to Pinterestpumpkins, mini pumpkins and red, yellow and pink fall mums in front of country old wooden home
alex5248 / Getty Images

Mums are a staple of autumn decor. Indoors or out, these hardy flowers thrive when the temperatures drop and the natural background transforms from greens to warmer, neutral tones.

Coming in an array of fall colors, mums are a lively way to transition from one season to the next. They fit in equally well surrounded by other flowers and set up amid scarecrows, pumpkins, and cornstalks.


Snake plant

Share to Pinterestsnake plant in ceramic pots in the bedroom
Inna Luzan / Getty Images

If you're new to houseplants, there's no better place to start than with a snake plant. They're recognized as just about the easiest in-home grower because they thrive on neglect. Their sharp-pointed leaves are eye-catching, and they display streaking greens highlighted by bold yellow.

You can ignore this plant or love it unconditionally—it will probably survive either way.


Holiday cacti

Share to PinterestSchlumbergera plant

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter cacti are succulents that prefer little or almost no light. While the Easter variety is different, Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti are from the same genus: the Thanksgiving type has sharp, pointed leaves, and is often mistaken for a Christmas cactus.

It takes around six weeks in a dim or dark environment for the over 300 hybrids of these succulents to bud. But once they do, you'll be dazzled by shades of fuchsia, red, yellow, white, or orange.


Colorful aglaonema

Share to PinterestRed Aglaonema on wooden table
Kittiwut / Getty Images

Easy to grow, the colorful aglaonema doesn't require a lot of water or attention. A bit newer to the houseplant scene, it's speckled with pinks and reds amid bold green leaves. With its dramatic foliage, this is one effortless stepping stone to plant parenting that equally complements summer annuals and holiday poinsettias.



Share to PinterestAnthurium
jph9362 / Getty Images

Long-lasting white, pink, and red blossoms are what make the anthurium shine. Ideal for centerpieces, this exotic plant takes center stage, but it also loves to be with friends: whether or not it's blooming, the plant's subtle, heart-shaped leaves pair well with the diversity of the colorful aglaonema.

With the right amount of light, fertilizer, and moisture, anthurium can flower year-round.



Share to PinterestBromeliad
Daniela Duncan / Getty Images

Part of the pineapple family, bromeliads surprisingly thrive in low light. They provide brilliant foliage in a rainbow of autumn colors, and their bursting leaves are quite attractive.

Bromeliads are highly beneficial to your home, too. Not only are they beautiful, but keeping them indoors during the chilly months will establish a healthier environment by reducing or eliminating toxins like benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde.



Share to PinterestCroton plant

Crotons are the best of both worlds when it comes to enlivening your autumn living space. This tropical plant brings in a feeling of warmth. Shining from dark hues, their blast of vivid yellows, oranges, and reds accompany the season. They prefer a lot of sun but will tolerate lower light as well.


Prayer plant

Share to PinterestPrayer plant

If you're looking for a fun and easy grower, the prayer plant tops the list. It displays a palette of greens accented with reds and purples. Plus, its leaves fold up at night, which makes for an interesting scenery variation.

The prayer plant likes to sprawl and branch out. It's happiest cascading from a shelf or table. Hanging baskets work well, too.



Share to PinterestBright Begonias on the window
Anna_Hirna / Getty Images

Begonias are a wonderful way to transition your summer growing to autumn. Not just for outdoor hanging baskets, there are many varieties known for their stunning and dramatic foliage.

Red tango, salsa, camouflage, crinkle leaf, and the hybrid known as "Merry Christmas" are just a few of the flavors that will create a blaze of color in your home.


Lemon cypress

Share to PinterestLemon Cypress plant in green pot next to window

Cone-shaped and coniferous dwarf lemon cypress trees are an indoor seasonal staple. These evergreens grow to around three feet tall and are perfect for any holiday setting.

Start one off in the autumn so you can have a fragrant little tree to decorate as the snow begins to fall outside.



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