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Attractive Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestAttractive Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Having a laundry room at home makes all the difference in the world. You can say it completes a home, although it's the least thought of room in the house, especially when it comes to decorating. However, there's no rule saying you can't make your laundry beautiful. The laundry room, whether it's a tiny area or a room large enough to accommodate a 48-foot yacht, should be organized, stylish, and functional. Often, all it takes is a few decorative pieces, a fresh coat of paint, and new flooring to turn a dull, boring room into a unique, quiet space. If you're looking for inspiration, try these laundry room decorating ideas.


Laundry room decorating ideas with shades of white and pale gray

Share to PinterestShades of pale gray
Kerkez / Getty Images

There's not a shade more belonging to the clean and fresh family than pure white. Use coordinating shades of pale gray and create a look that is modern and unspoiled. Simple touches such as adding plants, open shelving, and other accessories upgrade a mundane laundry room. The gray tones of the faux brick walls balance and cool the room.


Add simplicity and life to tiling that’s easiest to clean

Flex your personality and style with uncomplicated laundry room storage ideas. Replace cabinet doors with boxes, baskets, and fresh linens. The open shelving makes it easy to store clean towels and supplies. Grace a window with neutral accents that brings back memories of country living. Dark porcelain tiling completes the room, making it a beautiful and easy to clean space in any home. You don’t need to add chemicals to this floor, dampen a mop with water to clean.


DIY laundry room makeover with natural wood

Share to PinterestNatural wood laundry room
chandlerphoto / Getty Images

If you want something to last, use the best for quality and superior craftsmanship. Bring order to this space with oak shelving for secure storage and a deep sink for easy cleanup. There's everything you need for a functional, durable, and elegant laundry room. The natural wood gives this space more warmth and charm, a compelling look you'll love for generations to come.


Use geometric designs for modest laundry room decor

Share to PinterestGeometric designs in the laundry
Wivoca / Getty Images

You'll find layers of mint and pale greens, contrast, and charm in this 70's style laundry room. Decorative fixtures, lighting, geometric patterns, and white spaces and textures cement the shapely details. Under-the-sink cabinetry hides laundry room supplies, but the smooth countertops and open shelving above create space for smart and simple decorations, functionality, and elegance.


Glossy cabinetry is stylish yet effortless to keep clean

Turn your neutral laundry room into something amazing! It will come alive when you mix glossy cabinets, smooth brown granite counters, and matching tile in one place. The kind of finish you use makes a huge difference in the look overall. Often, glossy cabinets make a small room appear larger, and clean up is a breeze. Roomy storage makes it easy to collect supplies and to keep tidy and clean.


Destress laundry day with mint and pale greens

Share to PinterestMint and pale green room
TerryJ / Getty Images

Inspiring laundry room makeover ideas come quickly with plenty of sunlight, contemporary appliances, and cheerful, bright colors. Mint and pale greens form a relaxing combination for a stress-free laundry room. It also pairs well with white and other colors. The area is simple, yet it makes laundry day an enjoyable time. Traditional cabinetry is excellent for storing household linens, washing supplies, or other essentials.


Less is more says every minimalist on the planet

Share to PinterestLess gives you more space
onurdongel / Getty Images

Natural lighting from the window and door embraces life and brings it into this operative space. The positioning makes it easy for the laundry room to magnify the warmth from freshly dried garments. Combining the beautifully whitewashed shelves, drawers, and walls, plus neo appliances, and accessories finish this minimalistic design. Side by side units is consistent with the fresh minimalist approach to a lifestyle of positivity, balance, and organization.


When the family room becomes your laundry room

Laundry rooms can be functional additions to the home when space is limited. Combining two rooms allows you to transform an otherwise dull and dreaded room into one that's most traveled and loved. This laundry room is also part of the home that’s built for family gatherings. Maximize the space with laundry room organizers and storage such as large open shelves, baskets, and countertops above the units.


Add color and wallpaper to these country laundry room decorating ideas

Share to Pinterest add color and wallpaper
YinYang / Getty Images

This lovely laundry room combines a classic country room with a touch of modern-day features complementing the eye-catching utility sink. It uses variations of hard and soft essentials to make the room more interesting. Vivid blues cover the patterned wallpaper opposite a wall of natural wood, glass storage, and spic-and-span appliances. Open shelving and pull out drawers help you stay organized and neat.


Luxurious small laundry room decorating ideas

Share to Pinterestsmall and luxurious laundry rooms
imaginima / Getty Images

Often, laundry rooms aren't spaces people enjoy being in. Well, you can change all that with modish and plush accessories. Laundry rooms take on many forms when you add a burst of brass and character. Set the tone with crown molding, modern wood tile flooring, dramatic lighting, and antique accessories.

Ascent space with stackable washer and dryer units, spacious shelves for storing laundry supplies, ironing boards, pull-out drawers, plus coordinating baskets.



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