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Anyone Can Make These DIY Earring Holders

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestAnyone Can Make These DIY Earring Holders

Earrings are more than just fashion accessories. They're treasured gifts, beloved hand-me-downs, and favored statement pieces. Keeping them organized can be a challenge, even with expensive, store-bought organizers. No one knows your collection better than you, so why not create a jewelry holder that suits your custom needs? Whether you're trying to bring order into your life or have some creative fun with your storage solutions, a custom DIY earring holder is only a tutorial away.


A naturally inspired approach

The next time you trim your trees, select the most attractive limbs with numerous branches. Clean the twigs and spray with a paint in your favorite color to complement your interior design. Bright tones and metallics add a modern touch, while a clear coat of varnish or natural stains preserve the wood's character. Mount your decorative earring tree at eye level on the bedroom wall, or arrange a couple in a pretty vase.

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A Boho fashion vibe

Making an earring holder from a wooden hanger is an easy and inexpensive project. All you need is an old suit or coat hanger and a package of screw-in eye hooks. Screw the hooks into the wood along the bottom edge of the hanger, spacing them out to accommodate your sets of dangling ear jewelry. Create a tiered set of hangers if you need more storage, or to add necklaces and bracelets.

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A show-stopping wall organizer

Repurposed antique printer drawers are a popular trend on DIY blogs. These shallow boxes are made from high-quality wood and feature several divided compartments ideal for storage. Mount the drawer vertically or lean it against a wall on a shelf, screwing eye hooks into the underside of each section divider. Hang one pair of earrings in a compartment, leaving some spaces empty to maintain an organized look. If you can't get your hands on an antique drawer, make your own from recycled wood.

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Small and elegant storage

Reimagine those little gift boxes and luxury brand packages you've been saving as compact stud earring cases. Cut a sponge or foam square to size, then press it into the box. The sponge works as a pincushion for stud earrings and doesn't cost much to replace. Wrap the sponge in a pretty fabric for a touch of elegance, and use decorative contact paper to cover a matching set of boxes for your weekend travels.

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An organizational frame of mind

A recycled picture frame comes in handy when reorganizing your jewelry collection. Replace the glass with a metal mesh or decorative aluminum grid, and you've got an attractive earring holder for your assortment of dangling earrings. Paint an ornate frame in metallic colors for a touch of glam, or use white paint with plastic canvas for a fresh palette. Some variations of this project use lace for a delicate, vintage look, while burlap adds rustic charm.

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Keep some cork in your corner

A corkboard works just as well in a picture frame as metal or fabric, but it's also a bit more versatile. Store stud earrings the same way you would thumbtacks, using screw-in eyes for hanging chandelier and decorative earrings. Free up space on your nightstand by making it a wall-mounted earring holder. Glue some corkboard to a length of plywood, then add a row of screw-in hooks along the bottom for hanging necklaces or scarves.

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On a roll with a stud box

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A repurposed ring holder can quickly serve as an earring holder in a pinch. If you don't have an extra one, or you're organizing your jewelry box, try making your own. Wrap foam hair rollers in swatches of velour, arranging them in a shallow tray or picture frame. The arrangement will resemble a ring holder, and you can store your stud earrings by wedging them in between each roll. You can also use felt-wrapped dowels or tightly rolled scraps of felt cut to fit.


A lightweight travel solution

Travel jewelry bags are widely available, but they don't always keep earrings from becoming entangled and disorganized. Sometimes, the surest approach is to DIY your own travel earring holder. Create an earring book with pages of felt, or sew a foldable case with multiple compartments. Not only is a fabric case lightweight, but it also helps you use those fabric scraps building up in the crafting closet. Search online for DIY tutorials.

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Think beyond the office

If you need a quick and functional solution to your earring storage problem, check your office supplies. A mesh pen cup doubles as a storage container for bracelets, and the exterior grid is perfect for fishhook earrings. If your collection requires more space, try using a wire mesh wastebasket. Mount it on a lazy Susan for easy access and extra storage around the base. Set the mood inside your walk-in closet by adding a vintage-style bulb or string lights inside an inverted wastebasket.

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Inexpensive and out of sight

If your storage solutions need more function than style, opt for one that requires almost no work. A shoebox lid is perfect for earring storage because the lip creates a taut surface and sturdy base. Use a pushpin to puncture holes into the cardboard, isolating them in pairs to accommodate various-sized earrings. Hide the lid in a dresser drawer or on a shelf for quick access.

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