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Share to Pinterest10 Tips For Wearing Statement Jewelry

10 Tips For Wearing Statement Jewelry

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest10 Tips For Wearing Statement Jewelry

Jewelry can instantly elevate your outfit, adding a touch of sparkle, a pop of color, an eye-catching detail. Statement jewelry makes an impact, serving as the focal point of your look. You can wear statement jewelry as a fun touch to a classically casual ensemble or pair it with business, cocktail, or formal attire to add the finishing touch to your dressier take. Understanding how to incorporate statement jewelry into your wardrobe allows you to mix and match your favorite pieces for a look you love.


Wear earrings that pop

Statement earrings are always in style, and plenty of options are available. Try a fun pair of acrylic earrings or a bold, beaded set featuring vibrant colors. You can find earrings featuring dazzling gemstones that cascade from the ear or brightly hued tassels that stand out. Many statement earrings dangle, but oversized studs are another eye-catching option. Look for unique shapes, such as a large acrylic or metal flower, which can dress up your t-shirt-and-jeans look or accent a favorite summer dress.

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Slip on a bracelet stack

Dress up the forearm with a bracelet stack that makes a statement. Classic gold, rose gold, or sterling silver bracelets are timeless and coordinate well with any attire. Mix and match bracelet textures and finishes for added intrigue, or go with beaded bracelets in colorful hues to showcase a rainbow of colors on your arm. Wear this stack alongside a watch or on the opposite wrist. When choosing your bracelet stack, consider the thickness of each bracelet. The thicker the bracelets, the fewer you need to wear to make a statement. You can also consider alternating thin bracelets with thick ones to create added visual interest.

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Layer your favorite necklaces

While a single chunky necklace can make a statement, layered necklaces enhance your outfit as well. Plus, wearing multiple necklaces allows you to show off several of your favorite pieces at once. When you opt for a layered look, choose necklaces of varying lengths so that each one is visible. For example, you might choose a long necklace with a pendant and pair it with a mid-length necklace that hits below the collarbone and a shorter piece with a 14-inch chain to complete the look.

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Incorporate vibrant jewelry colors

Don't shy away from color when designing a statement jewelry look. Choosing vibrant jewelry allows your pieces to stand out. Plus, they work well with many outfits. A colorful pair of beaded earrings can pop with a classic little black dress, or a bold bracelet stack can coordinate with a patterned sundress. When you embrace color, your jewelry can become the focal point of your outfit.

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Go bold with statement rings

A cocktail ring is another creative way to make a statement with your jewelry. These rings are often oversized, meaning they're an accessory everyone notices. Choose a gemstone that you love—your birthstone or your favorite color. You can find platinum, gold, or white gold rings showcasing emerald, citrine, amethyst, or topaz stones.

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Dress up the wrist with a cuff

Bracelets aren't the only way to draw attention to your wrists. A cuff is a bold piece that's sure to stand out. Gold, rose gold, and sterling silver varieties give a more classic look. Or, opt for a leather cuff to add some edge to your style. Some pieces feature added details, such as studs or engraved patterns, that bring even more intrigue to the piece.

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Elevate work wear with brooches

Brooches can elevate your work wear or cocktail attire, adding a touch of sparkle to your clothing. They're often pinned to the lapel of a blazer, although you can add them to dresses or tops as well. Brooches feature intricate designs and may showcase colorful gemstones or pearls. These days, you can even find locally made treasures in just about any shape. Brooches add a vintage touch to an outfit, so consider adding one to your jewelry collection.

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Opt for a mixed-metals look

Gone are the days of sticking to one style of jewelry. Now, you can combine different pieces to make a statement. Consider layering necklaces combining sterling silver and gold, or create a bracelet stack featuring rose gold, platinum, and even stone pieces. Get ecclectic by featuring your favorite classic pieces together, no matter their finish.

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Combine different shapes

Incorporating different shapes is another way to add intrigue to your jewelry accents. For example, combine a pair of round statement earrings with a necklace featuring a triangular pendant. As you explore your jewelry collection, reach for distinct pieces and wear them together to design a unique look that'll stand out.

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Consider your outfit to create a killer look

Finally, it's important to consider your outfit when selecting your jewelry. A dress with a V neckline works well with a necklace, and an elbow-length top showcases your bracelet stack. Pair an off-the-shoulder dress with chandelier earrings. Take some time to try on different pieces with your outfit to find jewelry that flatters the silhouette and creates a statement-making look you love.

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