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10 Things College Students Need in Their Dorm Rooms

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest10 Things College Students Need in Their Dorm Rooms

When you're starting college and moving into your dorm, it can be a little overwhelming. You've got so many things to do; packing, unpacking, getting settled in... it can be hard to know where to start. Don't worry, we've got everything covered!

If you've got a new college student in your life (or are one yourself), be sure to consider these essentials beyond the classic desk and bed.


Multi-purpose or small space furniture

If you have a small room, you need to be able to optimize every inch. Convertible furniture is great because it lets you use the same piece in multiple ways. For instance, a bunk bed with a desk underneath is going to give you more room than two separate pieces of furniture, but if those pieces are built-in, there are still lots of great options. Consider a low piece that holds your minifridge and adds shelves or drawers underneath or a back-of-the-door hanging rack for more closet space.


Shower caddy

Shower caddies are a must-have for dorm rooms. Most dorms have shared bathrooms, so you'll want to keep your toiletries organized and collected. The best shower caddies have hooks that can hang from the showerhead or the curtain rod. This makes it easy for everyone in the dorm to use their own bathroom odds and ends without mixing them up with anyone else's.


Sound machine

Share to PinterestWhite noise machine

Dorms are notoriously noisy, and it's hard to get a good night's rest when you're surrounded by the sounds of snoring, loud music, and roommates getting ready for the day. White noise is a great way to block out unwanted disturbances and is practically essential if you're trying to sleep in a dorm room with other people.


Kitchen supplies

Sometimes a microwave or hot plate is all you need to avoid extra trips to the dining hall — just keep things like ramen noodles on hand. You can make cakes, pizza bagels, and even ice cream with the right equipment.

Just remember to be careful when using these appliances. Make sure they're unplugged when not in use, and never leave them unattended.

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Handheld vacuum

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If you have a roommate or are sharing a space with other people, you will likely share the responsibility of cleaning. That's why it's so important to have tools that make it easy to get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

A small vacuum is a great tool for quick cleanups, but it can also make a big difference when it comes to keeping your living space tidy on a daily basis.


Bathroom necessities

Shared bathrooms are a fact of life for many college students, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your privacy. A bathrobe keeps you warm and is easier than lounge clothes to pull on just out of the shower.

It's usually a good idea to invest in some shower shoes, too. Bathroom floors get really dirty, and foot infections can spread like wildfire through a dormitory.



Living in a dorm can be a bit overwhelming. With so many people's stuff in one small place, it can feel like you're caught in the middle of a hurricane. Desk accessories can help you keep track of all the school supplies you need each day.

If you have a large closet, use shelves or racks to keep items off the ground and within reach. Use baskets or bins with lids to hold odds and ends you don't want cluttering up the room. Collapsible options are great because you can fold them away when they're empty and get back some precious space.


Cords and cables

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If you're living in a dorm room, your outlets may not always be in the ideal location. You may need to get creative to make sure you can charge all your devices, wherever you happen to be hanging out at the moment.

Luckily, there are some simple solutions. Get a power bar with surge protection to prevent your devices from getting fried if there's an outage. A phone charger with a really long cord is another useful item.



Utility hooks

If you're trying to find a way to store your stuff in your dorm room without taking up floor space, utility hooks are the answer. They can keep slippers off the ground and offer an easy spot to stow your bathrobe.

Use the adhesive kind to hang pans and other kitchenware so they don't take up room on your countertop or in drawers. Put them closer to the ground and wrap cords around them to avoid tripping hazards. You can even affix them to the ceiling — the potential is endless.



Rugs can do a lot more than add a little extra color to your dorm room. They can also protect your floor from debris, keep it warm, and the right kind can be tossed in the washing machine when they get dirty. If upstairs neighbor noise is a problem in the building, adding a rug or two can let you worry less about the noise you're making yourself.



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