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10 Secrets Of People With Clean Homes

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest10 Secrets Of People With Clean Homes

Did you know it's possible to have a spotless abode without spending hours scrubbing, sweeping, and tidying each day? The secrets to a clean home lie in the habits of people who have mastered the clutter-free environment. They understand that keeping a pristine home is more than just hectic scrubbing when company comes—it's a lifestyle. These folks have developed habits that help them keep their homes clean and organized, no matter how busy their lives get. By following the same routines, anyone can achieve a clean house with minimal effort. 


1. They put everything in its place

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The quickest and easiest way to a clean house is organization. Have a place to store everything when it's not in use. Knowing exactly where everything goes, from a hook for keys or purses to a shelf that holds your mail, makes it easier to put it all away. If you plan to buy something new, consider where to store it before making the purchase.

No room? Don't buy it until there is. 


2. They put things away immediately

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When you're finished using something, clean it and put it back where it belongs. If you bring something new into the home, find a place to store it and place it there immediately. If you have something that you can't put away because you are still using it, such as a book you're reading, have a designated temporary spot for it. 


3. They have one designated "junk" spot

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Everyone has days where they don't want to deal with something or don't know where to put something. Have one designated spot where you put this "junk" temporarily.

It can be a drawer, a bowl, a tray, or something else that you can quickly put out of sight if unexpected guests stop by. If it gets full, it's time to put those things away for real.


4. They schedule cleaning sprints

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Instead of devoting a large chunk of time to tidying up all at once, try breaking it up into smaller segments of 10-20 minutes. Then, use these daily cleaning sprints to do tasks such as wiping down surfaces, running the vacuum, sweeping, mopping, or doing other quick chores.

Rotate the chores to make sure the entire house is taken care of and to keep this tedious activity interesting.


5. They put cleaning supplies in each bathroom and the kitchen

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It may seem logical to keep your cleaning materials in a single spot; however, you'll discover that cleaning is much more likely to happen if the products you need are close at hand. You'll be more likely to do a fast tidy if the supplies are right there and you don't need to go get them.

Plus, you can easily assign the task to somebody else in the house without explaining what supplies are needed.


6. They make cleaning fun

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Many people put cleaning off until it's overwhelming because they're bored by it. People whose homes are always clean make cleaning fun. Try playing your favorite music and dancing as you scrub the kitchen floor.

If you're cleaning with others, try creating a challenge like seeing who can finish cleaning a certain amount of space first. 


7. They take their shoes off at the door

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Your shoes touch the ground and floor everywhere you go. If you wear them in your home, you bring in all those toxins, soil, leaves, and whatever else is on the soles of your shoes.

Kick them off at the door to keep your floors cleaner longer. If you prefer to wear something other than socks, have a pair of slippers or inside-only shoes sitting right there to slip into.


8. They keep cleaning tools accessible

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It might seem like hiding away the cleaning tools is the better way to keep a clean house. But keeping tools like your vacuum, broom, and mop where you can see and easily access them will encourage you to clean more often.

Not only will the sight of them remind you to use them, but you'll also be more motivated to grab them for cleaning up quick, small messes instead of waiting til later. 


9. They schedule getting rid of clutter

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Create a schedule to clear the clutter out of your house. For example, you might go through the bathrooms once a year, the kitchen and pantry once a month, and the bedrooms once per season.

Get rid of outdated items and anything you have duplicates of or don't use. 


10. They keep storage minimal

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Buying large bins and baskets for storage may seem like the best use of your money, but you'll just be tempted to fill them. Instead, after you clear out clutter, buy storage that holds only what you need to store without extra space. 



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