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10 Lovely Varieties of Peace Lilies

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest10 Lovely Varieties of Peace Lilies

Peace lilies, or spathiphyllum, are a tremendous enhancement to any environment. With their stand-out evergreen leaves and definitive white flowering bracts, they're an iconic houseplant.

There are dozens of peace lily varieties, and these numbers continue to rise thanks to hybrids and experimentation. Most require the same care: minimal light and weekly watering. Often, the hardest part of owning a peace lily is narrowing down your choices. These varieties are among the most popular and unique.


Allison peace lily

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Helin Loik-Tomson / Getty Images

The Allison is the most common variety of peace lily, what people imagine when they think of the plant. It's a hearty hybrid that blooms throughout the year and displays fuller bracts, which are similar in appearance to calla lilies. Its dark green leaves are medium-sized and full of texture.

Growing up to two feet tall, this peace lily is just the right size when you want an elegant plant to enhance an empty space and create an unassuming focal point.


Golden peace lily

Peace lilies often have dark foliage. This isn't the case for the golden variety. When blooming, the leaves are a pale or light green, which eventually changes to a cream or off-white color as they age.

This is a great variety for anyone who wants to enliven a living space or office with a brighter plant. The golden is low-maintenance and follows suit of other peace lilies by thriving in a basic neutral or slightly acidic potting soil.


Jessica peace lily

Most peace lilies like a warm temperature, indirect light, and tolerate humidity well. The Jessica variety wants shade and prefers more moisture compared to other varieties. It needs watering around twice a week, and it's receptive to misting.

It isn't a big bloomer and, unlike other types, it has more of a rigid flowering time; it's limited to the summer. This is because the Jessica is all about its foliage. Showy and ornamental, its leaves can grow to a foot long. With variegated colors of greens and creams, it's a great choice for anyone who prefers foliage to flowers.


Bongo bongo peace lily

Not only is its name fun, but the bongo bongo's appearance is bold and amusing. It resembles more of a broad-leaf tropical plant than a peace lily. Large and in charge, its display commands attention. It easily grows to a few feet tall and has a wide spread. Leaves are around a foot long, and bracts proudly spring forth.


Little angel peace lily

The showy little angel peace lily is a burst of life in compact form. It's a dwarf plant that averages 6 to 12 inches in height with a minimal spread. What makes it so much fun is the abundance of bracts. Though only 2-3 inches tall, they pack a prolific and powerful punch, blooming more readily and often than other varieties.

The little angel, just like all peace lilies, is toxic when ingested. It's important to keep this plant away from pets and children, especially since its blooms are pretty alluring to smaller mouths and fingers.


Wallisii peace lily

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silviopl / Getty Images

This is a unique lesser-known variety. The average wallisii only grows about 12 to 15 inches high, but it's a bushy plant with a spread of about 24 inches and bracts that are 3 to 4 inches tall. Its foliage tends to grow downward, so it does well on a shelf. Leaves can be a foot long, are slenderer than more common types of peace lilies; they have an eye-catching rippled aesthetic.


Domino peace lily

Another variegated type, the medium-sized domino peace lily has just a twinge of white streaking throughout its foliage, creating a unique marbled appearance. This is further enhanced by the elongated leaves. Instead of being flat, rigid, or slightly curving, the domino's leaves have a ruffled or crinkled texture. This carries over to the bracts, which also have a bit of a wrinkled look.


Picasso peace lily

This is one cool peace lily. For art lovers, creative types, or anyone looking for something special in a plant, the Picasso is an excellent choice. It's a rare form compared to other varieties, and it produces both spear-like and rounded leaves.

The harlequin foliage is dramatic. There are green leaves, white leaves, and drastic marriages of the two on a single leaf. But the hues don't tend to blend, causing total cubist contrast. On occasion, there's a light wisp of one color on top of the other, which looks like an artist's brushstroke.


Floribundum silver cupido peace lily

The name is complicated, but the silver cupido peace lily is a simple plant. It resembles the popular Allison variety but with a twist. Its leaves have just a touch of silver to them, highlighting the monotony of dark green.

The silvery shades give the cupido a lot of personality. Upon first glance, many people think it's a fake plant due to this slight kiss of shining variance. It's definitely an attention-grabber and an artful addition to any interior or warm-climate garden.


Sensation peace lily

One of the largest varieties of peace lilies, the sensation can't help but be noticed. It grows to about six feet tall, so it's a wonderful plant to liven up a sparse room. The super-sized leaves are ribbed and have a tropical look to them. Big bracts spring from the deep green foliage offering tremendous contrast.

The sensation variety, like all peace lilies, is one of the best air-purifying houseplants. They rid the area of toxins such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde.



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