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Essential Elements for Your Perfect Kitchen

By Sara Anderson
Share to Pinterest10 Features Every Dream Kitchen Needs

It’s a fact: meals made at home taste better. There is nothing quite like the joy of serving food that you prepared yourself. And whether you are cooking solo or prepping to feed a small army, your kitchen layout impacts what you cook.

The right utensils, appliances, and spices at your fingertips can make cooking a true joy. This becomes all the easier when you put thought into the form and function of your kitchen, setting you up for culinary success and tasty treats.


Center island

Share to Pinterestkitchen with a center island
hikesterson / Getty Images

A great multipurpose island can instantly transform your space. It creates a focal point for the room and drastically increases your counter space. Including drawers and cabinets underneath allows you to hide pots and pans out of sight. Add a set of counter height bar stools, and now you have room to entertain and converse while meal prepping.


Bright lighting

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Save the mood lighting for the bedroom — the kitchen is all about activity and action. Make sure the lights over countertops and workspaces are bright and clear. This will help you focus on chopping, measuring, and mixing. It will also keep your energy up.

Be sure to include multiple lighting options for greater flexibility. Install under-cabinet lighting or a separate fixture over the sink to illuminate specific tasks.


A second oven

Share to Pinteresttwo black, built-in ovens in wooden kitchen furniture

Oven temperature settings vary greatly depending on what you're cooking, and having multiple baking sheets or pans in one oven can affect the amount of heat each dish receives. This increases cooking time and can alter the texture. No one likes soggy pizza crust.

Adding a second oven provides the ideal amount of flexibility. You can crisp your signature fries in one oven, while your brownies are slowly baking next door. When managing multiple dishes, you can also set one of the ovens on a low temperate and use it to keep food warm while you tend to the rest of your meal.


Big windows

Share to Pinterestkitchen sink with windows
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Bonus points if the window is behind the kitchen sink. Doing the dishes is not fun, but time will go by faster if you can gaze out a window at some foliage.

Wherever they are in the room, windows allow natural light and provide an opportunity for decorative window treatments such as curtains or valances. The option of cracking the window for some fresh air will keep the room even more versatile. Just don't leave a pie on the ledge or it might disappear.


Adequate ventilation

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If you do any amount of cooking, a window won’t be enough to keep the room fresh. A strong ventilation system is essential. Not only will it pull moisture and smoke away from the stove, but it will also keep the air flowing. Everyone loves the smell of a freshly cooked meal just before they eat. They don’t love smelling that same meal two days later.


Pull out shelves

Cabinets are a kitchen standard. They are also notorious for losing things. Tupperware lids that fall towards the back are never seen or heard from again.

An easy option that can even be installed in existing cabinets is pull-out shelves. Acting as a cross between a drawer and a standard shelf, they allow you to pull everything towards you so you don't have to crawl into them. They are ideal for large items that you don’t access every day.


A turntable

Another great storage option is an in-cabinet turntable. Also known as a lazy Susan, these handy rotating trays allow you to spin entire shelves around. These are especially useful in dreaded corner cabinets.

There are also tabletop versions to help maximize your counter space. A well-placed turntable can act as a catchall to keep miscellaneous items neat and contained. No cook enjoys reaching around clutter or dirtying multiple shakers to get to the one they need.


Beautiful backsplash

Share to Pinterestwoman turning on kitchen faucet with blue backsplash background
krblokhin / Getty Images

Every great kitchen has style. A backsplash is an easy way to incorporate your own low-maintenance flair.

Even more importantly, a backsplash can protect the wall from inadvertent splatters, heat, and damage. Over time, sauce and grease erode the finish on paint and walls. But a tile or laminate backsplash can withstand the frequent cooking and cleaning that a kitchen requires. Look for fun colors and patterns to keep the room cheery and bright.


Easy-to-clean countertops

Share to Pinterestwoman wiping kitchen counter
Grace Cary / Getty Images

Gone are the days of scrubbing grout in between tiles. Choose a countertop that is long-lasting and smooth. A flat surface will be easier to clean and won’t collect those pesky crumbs.

Materials such as granite, quartz, and concrete are known for their strength and durability. They might come with a higher price tag, but every time you clean up after a meal, you’ll be thankful.


A garage to park your appliances

As soon as you pull your new air fryer out of the box, you will realize you need a place to put it. An appliance garage is an easy way to keep countertop appliances corralled. Smaller versions can fit a toaster, small coffee pot, and some accessories. Larger versions can fit items such as blenders and rice cookers. Best of all, once you close the door, no one is the wiser. Your kitchen can look polished, clean, and entirely effortless, while still stocking every appliance you could ever want.



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