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Wash Away Your Worries In An Indulgent Outdoor Shower

By Graham Hall
Share to PinterestWash Away Your Worries In An Indulgent Outdoor Shower

What's not to love about an outdoor shower? It combines the relaxation of a shower with the beauty of the outdoors, all in the privacy of your own backyard. Whether you want a place to rinse off after hopping in the pool, need somewhere to wash away the mud after a long walk, or simply can't resist the thought of adding a little luxury to your home, these outdoor shower ideas might be exactly what you're looking for.


Modern minimalism

Share to PinterestModern minimalist outdoor shower
stockstudioX / Getty Images

For laid-back indulgence with a modern feel, a minimalist design might be for you. Think clean, simple lines, unfussy design, and lots of white. Using oversized tiles can help make sure your setup doesn't look too cluttered, but you can deliver a similar vibe of simplicity with wood for a more traditional Scandanavian element.


Lush and tropical

Share to PinterestOutdoor shower with plants

Why not go all-out and really embrace the tropical climate where outdoor showers are most suited? If you've worked hard on the greenery in your backyard, incorporate an outdoor shower into your existing landscaping by continuing plants into the shower area. Even a few low-maintenance outdoor species like moss can transform an ordinary shower into a lush, tropical rainforest experience. The best part? You might actually save time and money by not having to water your plants as often!

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Share to Pinterestrustic tuscan outdoor shower

For a different kind of organic look, aim for a rustic aesthetic by embracing all things natural. Plenty of wood, artfully rough stone walls, and pebbled floors are the go-to ingredients for creating an uncultivated but oh-so-stylish outdoor shower. Perfect for feeling like you've been transported to a mountain wilderness or charming Tuscan village without leaving home.


Zen mindfulness

Share to PinterestZen style outdoor shower
PhotoTalk / Getty Images

Be at peace with your surroundings by embracing this calming, Asian-influenced mindset. Create the perfect space for mindfulness and relaxation with neutral colors and materials, woven textiles, and a few simple plants. Zen is all about creating a sensation of peace and serenity, so focus less on trying to create a specific aesthetic than on choosing elements that speak to you.


Spa sanctuary

Share to PinterestHome spa style outdoor bathroom
intek1 / Getty Images

For a similarly relaxing space that's a little more indulgent, try creating your own day spa right at home. Maybe swap the shower for a deep soaking tub and add some benches for storage or preparation. Creating your own outdoor sanctuary is all about the small details, so consider adding some scented candles or incense, and don't forget the soothing background music from a well-hidden Bluetooth speaker.


Beach relaxation

Share to PinterestTropical beach style outdoor shower
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If you can't go to the beach, how about bringing the beach to you? Imitate a tropical island getaway with natural wood and bark textures, palm tree imagery, and, of course, some coconut-scented soap and body lotion. What better way to feel like you've just come back from swimming in the ocean to your own private villa — without the hefty price tag.


Cute and colorful

Share to Pinterestbright tiles outdoor shower

If you prefer a bold design, how about adding a pop of color to your outdoor shower? There's no need to stick to natural colors to be in tune with nature, so feel free to walk on the wild side by choosing some brightly colored or patterned tiles. Alternatively, embrace the idiosyncrasy by incorporating a few quirky decorations, like flippers and a snorkel, or even a surfboard.


Moroccan oasis

Share to PinterestMoroccan style baths
Chalffy / Getty Images

For those whose artistic sensibilities run a little further east, look to Moroccan and Middle Eastern design to create your outdoor shower. Embrace colorful ceramic or porcelain tiles in bright blues, pinks, and oranges, and lots of intricate patterns. Moroccan styles can be as intricate or as simple as you like, but they're always opulent and never, ever dull!


Practical poolside

Share to PinterestPoolside outdoor shower
amirulsyaidi / Getty Images

If your style is more low-key, then a more straightforward, practical structure might be the way to go. Keep an eye out for simple wooden panels, exposed pipes, and unfussy showerheads. This arrangement is perfect for people who aren't looking for a full bathroom set up so much as a place to quickly wash off before coming inside, or who want the small luxury of an outdoor shower without creating anything unnecessarily elaborate.


Indoor-outdoor hybrid

Share to PinterestHybrid indoor outdoor shower
Gvoic_M / Getty Images

If you want a little protection from the elements, this hybrid indoor-outdoor shower is a great alternative. Open up your bathroom to the outdoors so you don't have to brace freezing winter temperatures just to take a shower. It also allows for a little extra space, which is perfect if you want to add a bathtub or dedicated sitting area. And if you aren't ready to commit to showering al fresco just yet, even something as simple as replacing a solid wall with a glass panel can make it feel like you're one with the great outdoors — without stepping foot outside.



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