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Treehouse Ideas to Impress Kids and Adults Alike

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestTreehouse Ideas to Impress Kids and Adults Alike

Whether or not you have kids, a treehouse makes an excellent addition to your backyard. As well as adding a sense of magic and wonder to your home, a sturdy treehouse will provide space to unwind and de-stress after a hard day's work and for younger family members to explore nature firsthand. If you're short of treehouse ideas and are looking for inspiration, try to think beyond the archetypal rickety model seen on TV shows. Consider creating something intricate and contemporary that is made to last and can be used all year round.


Simple platform treehouse

Share to PinterestPlatform tree house
Martin Barraud / Getty Images

If you're looking for something classically simple, try creating your own single decked treehouse. Consisting of only a wooden platform and no roof, this treehouse should sit comfortably in the middle of at least two trees. In this way, it is best suited to backyards with densely wooded areas.


Easy fort-style treehouse

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AleksandarNakic / Getty Images

If your kids love building indoor forts using spare bed sheets or blankets, why not try constructing one in your backyard? A fort-style tree house can be made using old sheets and planks of wood, and should only take you a couple of hours to construct. It may only be a temporary feature of your backyard, but it will teach your kids a little about construction and could provide the blueprint for a bigger and more permanent treehouse in the future.


Classic treehouse

Share to PinterestClassic tree house
wundervisuals / Getty Images

A classic tree house is relatively simple to construct and will look fantastic in any family backyard. Consisting entirely of wood, with open windows, open doors, and a deck, it will be fun for your kids and their friends to spend time in on the weekends. Just remember to build the treehouse fairly close to the ground and with a sturdy ladder and supports to avoid any accidents.


Cabin treehouse

Share to PinterestCabin tree house
Phooey / Getty Images

A cabin treehouse boasts a similarly rustic feel to a classic treehouse, but with a more professional finish and proper windows with glass panes and curtains. Put simply, it looks like the kind of quaint cabin you would expect find in the woods but nestled high in the treetops.


Gazebo-style treehouse

Share to PinterestGazebo tree house
yotrak / Getty Images

If you want your tree house to look adult and classy, a gazebo variety may be a fabulous solution. Gazebo roofs are very elegant and provide plenty of shelter from the wind and rain when the weather turns against you. Depending on your budget and vision, a beautiful staircase may work better with this style of treehouse than a rickety ladder, especially if it's intended for the grownups.


Multi-platform treehouse

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tdub303 / Getty Images

If you have adventurous kids who love being active, building a treehouse with several different platforms will allow them to enjoy their very own levitated playground. Be aware that this kind of project is extensive and you may need to enlist the help of a professional carpenter. You will also need to include sufficient fencing and safety provisions to prevent accidents.


Large circular treehouse

Share to PinterestCircular tree house
SolStock / Getty Images

If you're planning on hosting outdoor soirees or barbecues in your treehouse, you will need something big and easily accessible. A large, circular treehouse built relatively close to the ground will fulfill this purpose perfectly. Instead of a ladder, build an elegant staircase with low steps or a long, sloping ramp. This will make the structure classy and inviting.


Modern treehouse

Share to PinterestTree house slide
liuyushan / Getty Images

If you're a keen DIYer with an eye for style, try constructing a treehouse that embraces the principles of modern architecture. This could mean building a structure featuring clean lines, angular walls, walls that mimic nature, or jaunty platforms. Keep the exterior walls of the treehouse looking slick by applying plenty of wood varnish.


Luxury treehouse

Share to PinterestLuxury tree house
PhotoTalk / Getty Images

A far cry from the classic treehouses built for kids, a luxury treehouse is a professional-looking structure featuring robust decking, insulated rooms, and comfortable furnishings. Think of it as an extension to your home that can be used as a guest bedroom, home office, or games room. If you're feeling ambitious and have construction experience, you may be able to design and build your dream arborial home yourself. However, this may be one to leave to the experts if you want to get it right.


Fairy tale treehouse

Share to PinterestFairy tale tree house
fotolinchen / Getty Images

If you want to impress your kids and add a little magic to their lives, why not go all-out and build a fairy tale treehouse? Take inspiration from their favorite stories to build something full of wonder. This could mean decorating the walls with carvings, adding round windows, or including special platforms for birds to nest on. Let your imagination run wild, and remember to have fun with it!



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