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Inspiring Pergolas To Refresh Your Backyard

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestInspiring Pergolas To Refresh Your Backyard

Pergolas are a luxurious way to incorporate character into your backyard, transforming it from basic to an inviting space to relax, pop open an after-work beverage, or enjoy evenings with loved ones.

There are countless styles and designs to choose from — one to match every home and lifestyle! Whether you're a modern minimalist or an antique aficionado, a pergola is an instant way to refresh any property, and these examples are the perfect inspiration.


Rustic retreat

Go back to basics with a pergola in rustic raw wood. Plain yet practical, this space provides a blank slate for outdoor dining. Instead of going overboard on the pergola itself, keep it simple and focus on the furniture and decor elements that ornament it.

While this setup is just starting out, the contemporary dining table adds a sleek touch.


Round it out

Design a garden escape with a rounded pergola, like this one tucked into a corner covered with greenery. Box hedging amplifies the space while hanging plants and crawling vines create instant romance.

With a gas fire in the middle, you've got the perfect setting for evening entertaining any day of the year. Paint it black or pastel, and you'll create something straight out of a luxury hotel.


A modern edge

Architectural interest goes through the moon when you install a pagoda on your back patio. Not only does it provide shade, but sleek lines and contrasting colors give your entire property a contemporary touch.

This black and white version extends everyday living into the great outdoors, making the area appear larger and more open.


Do it dappled

Expansive and open, with slats to expose the outdoors, this pergola does double-duty as a bar and cooking space. Slats offer convenient space to stow tools and supplies while you relax, while dappled details on the ceiling create instant ambience.

When the sun goes down, those dapples brighten up the entire pergola with the appearance of a starry sky.


Close it off

While most pergola enthusiasts prefer the outdoor living aesthetic, that's no hard and fast rule. By closing off your pergola, you've created a peaceful sanctuary in your own backyard and opened up space to do whatever you like.

Walls create privacy while making the pergola feel like a room all its own; curtains have the same effect, but give you more options.


Full-coverage slats

If you plan to use your pergola for entertaining, then you don't want the space getting stuffy. Full-coverage slats offer a healthy medium; they keep the area enclosed while letting in air and the occasional breeze.

Classic warm-toned wood is universally appealing, and cozy seating beckons you to sit down and relax.


Small and simple

If you're short on space, you're not out of the pergola game. This pint-sized masterpiece could completely transform that back deck.

Located directly outside the kitchen doors, it's a creative way to extend living area without the high cost. It branches off from an existing structure, making it both budget-friendly and architecturally interesting, so don't hesitate to get creative.



Rain showers don't stand a chance with this safely shielded pergola. With a thick white screen covering the slats on all sides, you're nestled away from the elements in style. A retreat from the heat, rain, and wind, this pergola is a creative way to refresh your property.

Make decorating a breeze by trying an outdoor oasis in neutral shades, like the wood and white color scheme shown here. Cozy seating, cushions, and a coffee table make this a year-round living area.


Incorporate nature

Pergolas are a garden favorite, as this stunning design makes apparent. Propped against a thick wall of trees, this outdoor dining area has the allure of a five-star restaurant.

Surrounded by verdant foliage, it looks and feels like a true oasis, with hanging baskets of lush greenery to complete the look. With a pergola, all you need is a patio setup and you've got picnic time on lock.


Full-coverage sky gazing

Pergolas let you experience unfettered views of the starry night sky. What's not to love? This sleek black number gets a lift with a clear, see-through screen.

Not only does this protect you from the elements while you dine, but it lets you observe nature in a way you'd never be able to indoors.



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