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Inspiration for DIY Outdoor Swing Chairs

By Graham Hall
Share to PinterestInspiration for DIY Outdoor Swing Chairs

An outdoor hanging chair can be anything you want it to be. Maybe it’s a place for you to relax after a long, hard day, or the perfect peaceful spot for family time. It can be hard to find a swing chair that fits your needs, space, and budget. Luckily, swing chairs do make for fun DIY projects.


A simple construction

It may surprise you to learn that hanging chairs can be pretty easy to construct. If you have a bit of patience and the tools, you can build a cozy, comfortable chair. Just remember to add some bracing structures along the bottom for extra support, since you won't have legs. You can use ropes or chains to hang your chair, but chains are often a bit easier to work with, and hold up better against the elements.

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More elaborate builds

If you’re a woodworker with some experience under your belt, you can easily build various stylish chairs. Incorporating unique shapes and concepts into your work allows you to transform a simple chair into an appealing and functional piece. Cushions add warmth and comfort to wooden furniture, but make sure you stick to water-resistant materials: nobody likes reclining against a musty, moldy pillow.

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A frame and some cushions

If you lack the technical skill that some chairs require, don’t give up hope. Creating a lounger without breaking the bank is pretty straightforward. All you need is a few pieces of wood, some braces, and a chain. Then you can choose which cushions and pillows to include to transform your frame into the chair of your dreams.

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Practice your macrame

Who says you need to use wood for your swing chairs? If you happen to be talented at macrame planters, it’s time to flex those skills. If not, there’s never a better time to learn! You can use a metal or wooden ring as the base if you want more width or a rigid shape. People who prefer a more freeform experience may wish to skip the ring and simply let their extravagant knotted project hang as-is.

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Repurpose a hammock

A hammock is basically a hanging bed already, so it’s incredibly easy to transform one into a hanging chair. Simply hanging the ends closer together; remember that this will bring your seat closer to the ground than if you were lying down, so adjust the length accordingly.

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Use an old pallet

Repurposing pallets is a classic DIY trick. They make great bed frames, tables, and chairs. All you have to do is clean the pallet up a bit and add some supporting beams. Toss on your most comfortable cushions and pillows and you’re ready to hang out. If you prefer your chairs to have a high back, attach another pallet (or half of one) upright to the back. The depth of pallets make for great curl-up chairs, or you can cut them down for a more bench-like seat.


A simple sack chair

If you look through furniture store catalogs, you’ll come across hanging chairs that are essentially fabric and rope — like a simple, bohemian hammock. But this simplicity means you can make one yourself for less! Find some sturdy fabric (canvas works well), heavy-duty grommets, and rope that can support your weight. Within just a few hours, you'll have a chic chair that doesn’t empty your wallet.

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More than a tire swing

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Tire swings are classic and have become a generation-defying representation of a fun childhood. But, you don’t need to be a child to love hanging from a tire. It’s a simple matter to take a tire swing and transform it into a rustic-but-cozy chair. Even normal-sized tires can fit a pillow or two. If you happen to have a particularly large tire, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Hang the tire parallel to the ground rather than up and down, and you've created a nostalgic but comfier swinging seat. Want to share? Find a tractor tire at an auction or your grandpa's farm.


Rings and some planks

One of the issues you may come across when building a swing chair is fitting it to certain aesthetics. While many look beautiful accompanying a rustic theme, very few fit a sleek, modern style. However, with just a couple of metal rings and some wooden planks, you can build a chair that fits that exact decor. While this takes a decent amount of know-how and some tools, it’s definitely worth it.

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Get geometric with it

Most swing chairs look fairly similar. They’re hanging fabric, a small dome, or a boxy bench seat. If you love to test the limits of your creativity and don’t mind a challenge, you can build a truly unique piece of furniture. Harness some geometric designs to create a chair that stands out and is unbelievably comfortable, to boot.

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