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Inspiration for the Perfect DIY Birdhouse

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestInspiration for the Perfect DIY Birdhouse

Birds are some of the most enchanting animals on this planet. If you find yourself often looking out for your local feathered friends, it might be time to build a birdhouse. You’ll provide them with shelter from the elements, while also creating the ideal place to observe them. Pre-made birdhouses can be pretty costly, but building your own is a fun and simple project for anyone who enjoys working with their hands or a good DIY.


Go for the basics

If you’re a beginner woodworker, you may not have developed the skills you need to build an intricate birdhouse. Don’t worry — birds aren’t picky homeowners. All you need is a few pieces of wood and a method of hanging your creation. Plus, traditional birdhouses are so simple to make that you can include your kids for a family project.

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Add a cute roof

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People who are a bit more confident in their abilities can add some cool flair to their birdhouses. Even with a traditional design, throwing on an interesting roof can bring it to a whole new level. Try a gabled roof with cute little wood shingles or even round ceramic tiles. Play with materials, too. Pennies are the perfect size for birdhouse shingles and are sure to stand out.


An open design

Most birdhouses have full walls so you don’t get to watch your guests do much beyond enter and exit. By opening up the design, you can more easily watch your avian visitors as they come and go. An open design also makes it easier to resolve any issues, such as animals other than birds sneaking in and making themselves at home. Structural integrity can be an issue with these designs, so make your joints are extra secure.

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Harness the elements of nature

You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy new materials for your birdhouse. If you have some old logs or tree limbs lying around, you can build something pretty incredible. Hollowing out sections of a log is a bit difficult, but it’s definitely worth it. Top it off with a cool roof and you’ll have a rustic birdhouse ready for its first guests.

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Build bird suburbia

We’ve all seen the rows and rows of perfect suburban homes with their white picket fences and bright colors. Why not bring those elements into your birdhouse? Scaling things down always adds tons of charm. With a bit of elbow grease and paint, your feathered friends will soon be living in their dream home just far enough from the big city.

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Construct an old log cabin

Few things are as cozy and relaxing as a log cabin. Depending on your woodworking expertise, you can build everything from a simple stack of limbs to a perfectly constructed house that would make any outdoorsman proud. For the finishing touches, top it off with a tin roof or maybe even add a miniature chimney.

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Experiment with repurposed elements

One of the benefits of working on a house of such small scale is that you can build things you would never be able to at full size. Experiment with aesthetics and repurpose some pieces from other objects. The top of an old fence can become the perfect accent. Spare wire makes for decorative trim. Construct your walls out of left-over tin or siding, or attach mosaic tile for additional visual appeal.

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Erect an avian manor

Most birdhouses are small, single-room buildings, but you don’t have to keep it basic. If you have the ability and the desire, why not build a big avian manor? While supporting the weight of a larger build can be difficult, it’ll be worth it when you look out your window and see an entire flock of birds partying it up in their new mansion. You don’t need to make your birdhouse super elaborate, but it’s hard to deny that a tiny estate is pretty darn cute.

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Use an old teapot

When building a birdhouse, there are only a few elements that are absolute necessities. As long as the birds have a way to enter and exit and the overall structure isn't going to collapse around them or fall down, it can look however you like. Because of this, many people have begun to use old teapots as birdhouses. Not only are they charming, but they’re basically ready-made bird homes. This is the perfeect optionfor less handy DIYers.

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Double-duty birdhouses

If you want a bird's eye view and have a green thumb, consider combining your interests. Birdhouses have plenty of room on their roofs for a garden, so include one! Doing this requires a bit of thinking before construction, because you need to consider the weight of the plants and soil. There’s also the issue of water drainage. However, once you plan out the design, you’ll be able to build one of the most striking birdhouses anyone has ever seen.

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