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Ideas for Fun and Functional DIY Patio Furniture

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestIdeas for Fun and Functional DIY Patio Furniture

When it comes to stylish and functional design, don’t limit yourself to indoor living spaces. With some easy DIY patio furniture, you can transform any outdoor space into a comfy, relaxing haven. Whether you have a large porcha, a tiny one, or just a nice, shady spot under a tree, you can create a personalized outdoor space the whole family will be clamoring to spend time in. Best of all, the transformation won’t cost you heaps of cash.


Log lounge chairs add rustic appeal

Share to Pinterestlogs timbers curved lounge chair
chapin31 / Getty Images

Connect log sections to construct a comfortable DIY lounge chair. This is a project that makes use of rustic waste logs, which you or a neighbor may already have. You can also use landscape timbers — available at any home improvement store — for a lounger with a smoother finish.


Construct a coffee table or ottoman from used tires

People purchase millions of replacement tires each year and recycle most of the old ones. But how many of them become interesting patio furniture pieces? A couple of old tires painted in fun colors, topped with a piece of round glass or wood becomes a useful and unique patio table. You can even turn them into an ottoman by upholstering the wood before you fit it in place.


Build an eye-catching, mosaic table

Share to Pinterestside table wood mosaic tabletop
Levent Celikkaya / Getty Images

With some scrap wood and ceramic tile, you can design an awe-inspiring table for your outdoor space. Build a simple wood coffee table or side table first. Use multi-colored tiles and grout to compose a vibrant mosaic tabletop. There are endless color options and shapes to choose from. Have a fishing or sunset theme for your outdoor space? You can easily incorporate it into your design.


Milk crate stools are easy and affordable

Share to PinterestDIY stools milk crates
nedjelly / Getty Images

Find these versatile crates at hobby and discount stores, or see if your local grocer has some to spare. Turn them upside down, add a cushion, and you’ve produced an inexpensive seat for your outdoor lounge. Milk crates are available in a wide selection of colors, or you can spray them with a plastic primer and any color you want. A metallic tone can add an interesting aesthetic to a space with lots of textiles or other color.


A wood pallet chair-for-two is a great seating option

Share to Pinterestefficiency connecting back pallet chairs
yulyao / Getty Images

If you have a lot of space to fill, consider repurposing pallets and connecting them for back-to-back patio chairs. Paint your creation in vibrant colors, stain the wood, or leave it natural. Your new chair will double as a functional piece of art. It’s a good idea to add a coat of varnish to protect your creation from the elements.


Transform a barrel into a cocktail table

Share to Pinterestcocktail table metal wood barrels
Roberto / Getty Images

Both wood and metal barrels have a multitude of uses for the crafty DIYer. They’re just the right height to become chic cocktail tables for your outdoor living area. Add some bar stools for the perfect spot to enjoy an alfresco meal or a start the weekend with a glass of wine.


Design an outdoor beverage station

Share to Pinterestbeverage station patio cabinet sink
BigWest1 / Getty Images

Repurpose an old door to forge a unique beverage station for your patio or porch. Add shelves to hold bottles of your favorite libations or glassware and a metal tub for iced sodas or beers. Or, refurbish an old sink and cabinet or vanity combo for a handy place to prepare, store, and serve beverages.


Put together a romantic outdoor daybed

Take a single or double platform-style bed frame and add a futon cushion covered in an outdoor-friendly fabric. Throw on some decorative pillows and you have a comfy place to relax, study, or read your favorite novel. Add wheels to make it easier to move from one place to another. You can also construct your own with pallets for a rustic vibe.


Macramé a chic hammock

Share to Pinteresthandmade outdoor woven macrame hammock
olegbreslavtsev / Getty Images

Handmade, woven decor is not only chic but eye-catching. Weave a macramé hammock to experience endless hours of comfort in your outdoor space. If you need smaller furniture pieces and love macramé, refurbish metal-framed lawn chairs by replacing the webbing or cushions with macramé. The cord comes in a vast array of colors. Mix and match hues to create a unique and delightfully functional recliner.


Give new life to an outdoor rug

Share to Pinterestrepurpose stencils paint outdoor rug
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Convert a stained or faded low-nap or flat-woven rug into a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space. Use acrylic or latex paint, sharpies, or stencils to create a one-of-a-kind floor covering. Not only will your repurposed rug have the perfect color scheme, but it will also stand up to the elements. It’s the perfect start for your outdoor space transformation.



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