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Hanging Herb Gardens Inspiration

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestHanging Herb Gardens Inspiration

There's no better addition to a homemade meal than a handful of fresh herbs, especially ones you've grown yourself. But not everyone has the garden space for rows of basil and thyme. A hanging herb garden makes the most of your space and lets you build your garden up instead of out.

Get inspired with these inventive and attractive hanging herb gardens that will make you want to go out and build your own today.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

You don't have to spend a lot of money to make the hanging herb garden of your dreams. Upcycle an old piece of fencing or a garden gate for your base by attaching plastic planters to the side. You can find inexpensive plastic pots at any local garden center and may even be able to get some free with the purchase of your plants.


Embrace the kitsch

Along with everything else 70s, macrame is in again. Macrame has been used to hang decorative plants for ages and makes a great, sturdy base for an elevated herb garden. Combine several pieces along a wooden rod for a horizontal design.

Online tutorials to help you make your own woven hangers abound, but there are plenty of commercially available options if crafting isn't your thing.


Back to school

If you want to get your herb garden up and running with minimal setup, pick up shelves made explicitly for the job. With the hanging garden trend booming, businesses have taken notice and started creating frames for the task. Some even come with chalkboard labels that allow you to customize the nameplates for whichever plants you choose.


Mason jar chic

Is there anything a mason jar can't do? Hang as many or as few as you like on a wooden background for a rustic style herb garden. The mason jars are the perfect size for small plants and have the added bonus of being transparent so you can see if you're over or under-watering your herbs.

If you want a little more color, intersperse the clear jars with blue or amber versions, or paint some of them.


A slam dunk

You don't have to give up the traditional pot to make a beautiful and effective herb garden. Pot-holding hoops and neutral-colored containers are a great combo that creates an elegant, classic look.

Two types of hoops are easiest to find. One attaches directly to a wall or wooden board, and the other is made to hang over a fence, making it easy to reposition or add to your garden as it grows.


Not just for shipping

Another DIY staple, the pallet, makes a great homemade hanging herb garden. When turned on its side, a pallet is a ready-made shelf. Line the shelves in plastic to plant directly in the pallet or attach pots to the boards with twine.

Pallet projects are endlessly customizable and a good jumping-off point for even the most novice of crafters.


Hanging by a thread

Make your garden into a dramatic conversation piece by dangling your pots from on high. This is your chance to use that stylish black gas piping you've been eyeing up at the hardware store. If the pipe looks too harsh for your tastes, replace it with a natural wood post.

To hang the plants, you can use anything from hemp rope to thick yarn; just make sure it can hold the weight of the pot, soil, and plant.


A hole in one

This look combines the stability of traditional plant shelving with the style of a hanging herb garden. Sturdy wooden planks with custom cutouts to hold your pots are a great option if you have kids or animals that find anything alive and green too tempting to keep their hands to themselves.


Squeeze it in

A cloth hanger is a great compact planter to use when space is tight. Repurpose an old back-of-the-door shoe holder or buy a specially made hanging fabric garden from your local garden center.

With this style of hanging herb garden, any vertical space of just a couple of feet wide can become your own personal seasoning stash.


Simple, but not boring

It might be hard to imagine a hanging garden overflowing with plants fitting in with a minimalist aesthetic, but it can be done. Keep the decorations light and the pots uniform to streamline the look. A single file column of pots, one above the other, creates a long, lean line that flows perfectly with that soft and simple Scandinavian style.



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