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Garden Decor Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestGarden Decor Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Are you a keen gardener wondering how to boost the atmosphere of your backyard? Perhaps you have an outdoor soiree coming up and are hoping to impress your guests? Maybe it's time to come up with some clever new garden decor plans. Garden decor is a wide-ranging category including everything from lavish new patios to the addition of a small sculpture. That means it is easy to enact design ideas that fit with both your personal tastes and your budget.


Turn your shed into a space for socializing

Share to Pinterestrepurposed covered eating area backyard

If you have an underused shed in your garden and love hosting parties, why not impress your guests by transforming it into a special dining area? Experienced DIYers may be able to take on the job themselves by painting the walls, fitting plenty of ambient lighting, revamping the doors, and decorating the interior. If the task seems a little too tricky, however, hire someone to help with the more skills-based bits, like the wiring. It may cost a little time and money to get right, but you won't regret it!


Invest in a hammock

Share to Pinterestman in backyard hammock

Hammocks are one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture available. Even better, they are amazingly cost-effective, often take mere seconds to set up, and come in a wide range of colors and materials. Be warned, though — sinking into a hammock is such a luxurious experience that you're unlikely to want to get out of it!


Buy an outdoor fireplace

Share to PinterestOutdoor fireplace
KristianSeptimiusKrogh / Getty Images

With an outdoor fireplace, you will be able to spend plenty of time outside even when the winter starts to bite. There are various types on the market, and most homeowners opt for traditional wood-burning stoves. Although many people are wary of using wood as a fuel thanks to the pollutants it can produce, the risks to health are fairly minimal when you're out in the fresh air. Alternatives include outdoor bio-ethanol fireplaces. However, these do not tend to produce as much heat and are typically for decorative purposes.


Get creative with your flowerpots

Share to PinterestColorful flower pots
Darrell Gulin / Getty Images

Bored of your plain terracotta flowerpots? Add a pop of vibrant color to your garden by coating them in striking colors. Premium-quality acrylics work great if the flowerpots are in a sheltered area. If you're going to leave the pots open to the elements, however, you'll need something more robust, such as outdoor spray paint. If you have kids, flowerpot painting could be a fun rainy day activity that will give them a chance to show off their artistic abilities for months.


Arrange a lounge set on your patio

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Eirasophie / Getty Images

If you're going to be spending long periods in your garden with friends and family, it is well worth investing in a comfortable lounge set. Black faux wicker chair and table sets are having a bit of a moment right now and look fantastic in gardens with plenty of vegetation. Just remember to find a set that is thoroughly waterproof and comes with detachable, washable cushions for comfort.


Repurpose some old shelves or a ladder

Share to Pinterestplant shelf backyard garden

If you have a worn ladder or set of old shelves tucked away at the back of your shed, give it a new lease of life by loading it up with your favorite potted plants. Combining rustic wooden objects with the life and vibrancy of plant life represents a trendy aesthetic that is sure to impress visitors. Even better, it won't cost you a dime!


Hang some atmospheric lanterns

Share to Pinterestoutdoor paper lanterns

Outdoor lanterns add a sense of magic to any evening party. If you want to keep them as a permanent fixture, it is worth investing in a waterproof set that will be able to withstand the elements. Otherwise, you can afford to source some intricately patterned paper lanterns that will inject color and wonder into your evening. Of course, paper lanterns will quickly be ruined if it starts to rain, so be prepared to bring them inside on short notice.


Paint your bench a vibrant color

Share to PinterestBright blue bench

Wooden benches are a common feature of garden pathways and perfect for relaxing with a Sunday morning coffee. However, if you start to get a little bored of your bench and want it to stand out from the crowd, cover it with a vibrant color such as blue, green, purple, or red. Before taking the plunge and getting to work, remember to purchase a paint suitable for wood that will resist the elements. Also remember that depending on its previous condition and the paint requirements, you might need to apply some elbow grease sanding it down, first.

John Coletti / Getty Images


Add some tasteful statuettes

Share to Pinterestbackyard garden sculpture

Forget creepy garden gnomes and tacky angel statues — garden decor in the 2020s is all about tasteful statuettes and bespoke sculpture. Most garden centers are starting to sell more contemporary designs that will look fabulous in any outdoor space. However, if you're hoping to embrace originality, consider supporting the work of a local sculptor.


Hang a bird feeder

Share to Pinterestbackyard bird feeder

On top of looking beautiful and attracting a living visual element, bird feeders are widely available and really easy to make. They're the perfect excuse to sit back and do a little bird watching on a relaxing weekend. To ensure that you spot as many species as possible, do a bit of research and fill the feeder with a mix that suits the birds that frequent your region.



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