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Create your own backyard oasis with these pool ideas

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestCreate your own backyard oasis with these pool ideas

A swimming pool can be very pleasant in the summertime. However, hiring people to build a swimming pool is expensive, as shown by the prices as high as tens of thousands. As such, a lot of DIYers choose to build their own swimming pools rather than entrust it to someone else. Naturally, there are companies that sell swimming pool kits. These tend to be much less expensive, but even so, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for one. Fortunately, there are even simpler DIY concepts for those who are interested.


Dumpster Pool

Dumpsters aren't the most glamorous objects around. However, they are both tough and long-lasting, making them well-suited to heavy loads like gallons and gallons of water. Dumpster pools aren't just dumpsters that have been filled with water. Instead, DIYers take them to the next step and decorate the outsides to better fit in with their backyard aesthetic.


Hay Bales Pool

Hay bales see a fair amount of use in construction. After all, they are low-cost, non-toxic, and sustainable, making them a good choice for the current construction environment. Some of those same characteristics make hay bales useful for building swimming pools. The basic process involves stacking the bales around a pool-sized space, draping the space with tarps, and securing them in place with more bales or rope. Then, just fill the makeshift pool up with water for an easy, rustic addition to any backyard party.


Shipping Container Pool

Shipping containers can serve as the basis for a swimming pool for the same reasons as dumpsters. However, they come with none of the stigma, meaning that converting one can be as simple as installing a set of ladders. There is a potential issue in that most shipping containers are made out of a material called Cor-ten steel, meaning that they are corrosion-resistant rather than corrosion-proof. As a result, interested individuals will have to remove rust, seal the cleared surface, and then paint the sealed surface from time to time.


Steel Stock Tank Pool

Stock tanks hold drinking water for cattle, horses, and other livestock. As a result, they tend to be made out of galvanized steel, which has a protective coat of zinc that prevents the outer material from corrosion. Thanks to this, a stock tank pool can last for a very long time with minimal maintenance. However, there is a potential issue in that most examples will be closer to the size of a tub than a full-fledged swimming pool.


Above-Ground Pallet Pool

Pallets are made to be light and strong. Thanks to that, they are useful for a remarkable range of building projects. When it comes to an above-ground pallet pool, the idea is to arrange the pallets into a rough circle, strap them together, insert some cushioning in the corners, and then install a waterproof cover over the whole thing. Know that pallets that received a heat-based pest control treatment are safer than those with a chemical-based version. The former usually have "HT" stamped on them.


In-Ground Pallet Pool

If you like the pallet idea but you're looking for something a bit more stylish in the end, an in-ground pallet pool might be the option for you. While digging a hole is one way to get a built-in pool, you can always build a platform with a space in the center for the pool, earning yourself a deck, as well. Once the structure is complete, covering it over with wooden planks can make it look just as nice as any expensive, professionally built pool.


In-Ground Steel Pool

A ready-made kit is always an option if you want to cut costs but aren't quite cut out to build your own backyard pool. An in-ground steel pool is a great example with many advantages. For example, they tend to be cheaper than the classic concrete pool, making them a good compromise between hiring someone to build a pool and building one yourself. Likewise, steel is strong, low-maintenance, and versatile. On top of this, the kits for in-ground steel pools tend to be easy-to-use, thus making them suitable for those looking for something manageable.


Wooden Stock Tank Pool

Share to PinterestCreate your own backyard oasis with these pool ideas

Sometimes, the ambiance and setting you want for your backyard calls for a wooden pool with natural warmth and a relaxed feel. Wooden stock tanks can be very useful for such pools, though it's important to keep in mind that anything made of wood will require more care and maintenance than a steel or concrete counterpart.


Beer Crate Pool

Share to Pinterestbeer crates for DIY swimming pool

As we've already proven, you can create pools using a wide range of improvised materials. For proof, look no further than the beer crate pool. Though more complicated than simply stacking crates on top of each other, it's a great option to repurpose old items and have yourself a nice soak, as well. You'll need a wooden frame to hold everything together, and a waterproof tarp on the inside, similar to the bale and pallet examples. At the end of the day, what better place to crack open a cold one than your very own beer crate pool?


Pond Turned Pool

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People were swimming in ponds long before custom-made pools were a thing. As a result, a pond is a neat way to have a pool as well as a gorgeous-looking water feature. Unfortunately, ponds are very high-maintenance. For instance, they can't be left to become stagnant or they'll be smelly and scummy. You'll need to do your research, and cultivate plants to produce oxygen and install a pump to keep things moving. But just imagine floating in a green and floral oasis in your own backyard!



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