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Share to PinterestUse The Internet To Up Your Cooking Game

Use The Internet To Up Your Cooking Game

Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestUse The Internet To Up Your Cooking Game

Whether you're a trained chef or a kitchen novice, there is always room to improve. For those who do not have the opportunity to attend a cooking class or receive formal cooking training, the internet is a treasure trove of information.

From recipes to technique, using the internet to up your cooking game is one of the best ways to diversify your skills. Online resources equip you to whip up delectable goodies for yourself or your family in no time.


Use your electronic home assistant

Share to PinterestAlexa or Google Home can be helpful in reading recipes aloud.
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A home assistive device like Google Home or Alexa is ideal for upping your cooking game. Not only can your home assistant suggest recipes for you to try, but it can also read recipes aloud while you are in the process of cooking.

Your device can also help with issues that may crop up while you are cooking or answer simple questions, such as measurement conversions and what to set the oven at.


Use a YouTube tutorial

Share to Pinterestlearn how to cook with youtube

YouTube is ideal for visual learners who want to up their cooking game. Watch videos on everything from how to chop a specific fruit or vegetable quickly and safely to how to take a recipe from preparation to completion.

This social media platform has videos that cater to all skill levels and recipe types.


Take an online cooking class

Share to PinterestOnline cooking classes can show you how to up your kitchen game.
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There are loads of online cooking classes that you can use to up your cooking game. From Jamie Oliver's masterclass to websites specifically geared towards an array of options, an online cooking class offers you the option to learn as effectively as you would in person, with the added benefit of knowing where all the tools are because you're in your own kitchen.

You can either livestream the class and cook along or participate via a Zoom-like program for personalized guidance.


Browse Pinterest

Share to PinterestPinterest has numerous options to up your cooking game.
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Pinterest can be overwhelming, but there are so many options on this platform when it comes to cooking inspiration and tips. Users share recipes that you can pin to your own boards for future use. You can also search for specific techniques if you need to enhance your existing skills. Step-by-step image breakdowns are in abundance.

The best way to use this resource is via the search so that you can pinpoint exactly what you want to find. Otherwise, you might find yourself falling down a hole of delicious — but not terribly useful — food photos.


Subscribe to a cooking blog

Share to PinterestCooking blogs often have creative tips.
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Subscribing to a cooking blog provides an opportunity to receive cooking guidance via email or anytime you want to reference back to recipes your favorite blogger published in the past.

In fact, if you really want to up your cooking game, subscribe to several different blogs so you have options for the days you feel like vegetarian, the nights you're craving steak, and the special events where you really want to wow your dinner party guests.


Ask for ideas on social media

Share to PinterestYour social media network can provide cool tips and tricks to up your cooking game.
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Take advantage of the quick and easy communication of social apps to reach out for recipe ideas. If you are stumped on a recipe or just need suggestions for something new to try, crowdsourcing through your platforms is a great way to get a diverse grouping of opinions.


Google some recipes

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It might sound simple, but if you are tired of eating the same old thing, Google is your friend.

Google search the best recipe ideas by entering search terms based on what you have in your fridge or pantry. Most recipes will tell you exactly what you need and give instructions on how to bring them to fruition. You'll be surprised by how many full, tantalizing meals you can find when your main staples are chicken and peas.


Watch your favorite cooking shows online

Share to PinterestAlmost every cooking show currently on the air is also available online.

Almost every cooking show that you can watch on television is available online as well. If you can't be home in time to watch it live, head to the network website and view it on your own time.

You can also watch on the go on your favorite device. Use the notepad app on your phone to record useful tips and the ingredients you need to pick up to create the dish yourself.

AndreyPopov / Getty Images


Follow your top chefs on social media

Share to PinterestFollow your favorite chef for secret tricks on social media websites.
golubovy / Getty Images

Professional chefs often post on their social media feeds with their favorite recipes, techniques, and tricks. By following them, you'll benefit from the added guidance and pick up a few new skills in the process. You'd be amazed what you recall from that story three weeks ago the next time you're ready to saute a zucchini.


Scour online cookbooks

Share to PinterestOnline versions of your favorite cookbooks provide guidance to amateur chefs.
yulkapopkova / Getty Images

Cookbooks are a great way to pump up your skills in the kitchen, and most are available via e-readers or on publisher websites. The benefit of an online cookbook is that you can reference it while you cook no matter where you are and on any type of device. Some even offer samples so that you can check it out before you purchase — and score a few good recipes in the process.



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