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The Perfect Summer Broccoli Salad Recipe

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestThe Perfect Summer Broccoli Salad Recipe

Broccoli is a superfood full of nutrients and minerals such as potassium, iron, fiber, and vitamins C and K. It can be difficult to incorporate broccoli into your diet beyond roasting it or the classic choice of raw broccoli with veggie dip. If you're looking for new ways to eat more of this superfood, whip up a bowl of broccoli salad, and you will have a fan-favorite dish on your hands that's as healthy as it is delicious.


Gather ingredients

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Broccoli salad is easy to make and requires a few simple ingredients that you may already have handy. You can make enough salad to serve eight people with eight cups of broccoli and 1/3 cup of red onion. Gather 1/2 cup each of dried cranberries and bacon bits along with 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds and one cup of mayonnaise. Three tablespoons of cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar will help with the homemade dressing.


Prepare broccoli and onion

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Of course, the best part of this salad is the broccoli, which you should cut into bite-sized pieces. Make sure you wash and drain the broccoli well. After chopping the broccoli, dice the red onion so that you're ready to toss all the ingredients together. That's one of the main perks of broccoli salad: it takes only 15 minutes to prepare, so it's perfect for a quick dish to take on the go.


Whisk dressing ingredients

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The dressing makes this salad delectably crunchy is simple to put together. Whisk the mayo, sugar, and cider vinegar in a bowl and add salt and pepper to taste. This will make a creamy style dressing rather than a vinaigrette, but you can feel free to experiment and try a different style by subtracting the mayo if you prefer.


Combine salad ingredients

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Once the dressing is ready, it's time to combine the rest of the salad ingredients. In a mixing bowl, combine the cut broccoli and onion with the dried cranberries, bacon bits, and sunflower seeds. Take the time to toss everything well, paying attention to the seeds and bacon bits to avoid any big clumps when you pour the dressing over the veggies.


Add extra veggies

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Broccoli salad is so fun because you can throw in extra vegetables if you want to. Cauliflower, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and celery can give this salad even more crunch and lots of nutrients too. Check out your fridge and see if there are any fruits or veggies that you need to use up and then include them in the salad. The more veggies, the better!


Pour dressing and mix well

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After combining all your veggies, pour the dressing on top. Mix well to ensure all the broccoli is coated in the tasty dressing. If you want to sprinkle some cheese on top or add any other seasonings, now's the time to go for it and complete your salad before refrigerating and preparing to serve.


Refrigerate before serving

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Broccoli salad is best served cold and should be refrigerated for at least an hour before eating. Typically, broccoli salad tastes the freshest and flavorful when enjoyed within 24 hours, but it will last for three or four days. If you have leftovers after a big dinner or gathering, you can have broccoli salad on the side for a few days.


Serve with meat or other protein

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Broccoli salad is delicious all on its own, but it's especially good with freshly grilled meats like honey mustard chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, and pork chops. If you're planning on having a summer barbecue or get together with family and friends, fire up the grill, chop up the broccoli and get your brilliant summer meal together. Everyone can enjoy broccoli salad and get their veggie intake up with a yummy taste. You can also transform the salad into a vegetarian entrée by adding some chickpeas for protein.


Potluck dish

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Broccoli salad is a refreshing meal to bring to a potluck, too. Add some grilled corn for a summery twist to bring to a cookout or barbeque. Everyone will be glad you decided to make it, and it's likely both the kids and adults will be going back for second helpings.


Other fun variations

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You can turn this salad into a broccoli and cauliflower salad by adding cauliflower florets. A vegan tofu salad is another option, just add in your preferred tofu and enjoy the flavors. Egg, raisins, grapes, apples, arugula, carrots, and cheddar cheese could spice up this dish even more if you want to try out different broccoli salads. No matter what, this can become a salad staple for you and your family to enjoy, not only in the summer but throughout the entire year.



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