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Spook-tacularly Simple Last-Minute Halloween Snacks

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestSpook-tacularly Simple Last-Minute Halloween Snacks

Everyone knows that half the fun of Halloween is gorging on ghoulish goodies, whether you're hosting a monster-sized bash or cozying up on the couch in front of your favorite horror flicks. The good news is, planning which treats to serve this spooky season doesn't have to be tricky. You probably already have just about everything you need right in your pantry.

These creepy last-minute crowd-pleasers are guaranteed to thrill your guests while you stay chill. Best of all, they require next to no prep, giving you more time to perfect your costume, decorations, and playlist.


Yummy mummies

Here’s a spooky twist on pigs in a blanket. Slice refrigerated crescent dough into thin strips to make “bandages” and wrap them around some hot dogs, mummy-style. Bake them until the dough is golden brown and the hot dogs are warm. When they’re done, add edible sugar eyes or dots of bright yellow mustard. You can also wrap up pre-cooked meatballs, smoked sausages, or even jalapeno peppers.

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Donut-hole bats

Everyone will go batty for these sweet treats. They're guaranteed to fly off the plate. All you need is a box of chocolate donut holes, chocolate covered wafers, edible sugar eyes (or white and black cake decorators icing), and some hazelnut spread or chocolate frosting for the “glue”. Break or cut the chocolate covered wafers in half to make bat wings, then take your frosting and affix them to both sides of each donut hole. Add two dabs of frosting to the top of each bat to make pointy little bat ears, then add the eyes.

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Freaky fruit

Who says Halloween food has to be unhealthy? This boot-iful fruit platter is the perfect kid-friendly compromise. Make phantom bananas by slicing not-too-ripe bananas in half, then piercing three small semisweet chocolate drops into the flesh to make the eyes and mouth. Then, peel a few oranges to make pumpkins and stick in stalks of celery for the stems.

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Paranormal pizza

Not sure what to serve your guests for dinner on the 31st? Host a Halloween pizza party! Give each person their own pizza crust and lay out a wide variety of toppings. Then, encourage everyone to get creative and transform their pizzas into zombies, monsters, mummies, or ghouls. Whoever’s pizza comes out the scariest wins! Bonus: everyone gets to eat the results.

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Ghouly pops

If you’re super short on time and supplies, just grab a bag of round lollipops, a box of Kleenex, a black permanent marker, and some tiny black or clear hair elastics. Cover each lollipop with a layer or two of tissue and secure it in place with the elastic. Then, without applying too much pressure, dot on two black eyes with the marker. If you have some orange, purple or black ribbon on hand, tie a bow around the elastic for the finishing touch. Voila! You now have a graveyard's worth of adorable lollipop ghosts.

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Jack o’ lantern pepper platter

Believe it or not, you can still have Halloween fun as you fill up on your five to twelve servings a day. With a very sharp kitchen knife, carefully cut a few orange bell peppers to look like jack o’ lanterns after scooping out all of the seeds inside. Then, fill each pepper with a variety of dips or salad dressings of your choice, and surround them with a colorful collection of chips, crackers and crunchy crudites.

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Devilish deviled eggs

There’s no better time to serve deviled eggs than on the wickedest night of the year! Use a few slivers of black olives make angry eyes and eyebrows, and triangles of red pepper to make the horns. Make sure you pile on a little extra paprika to make their "faces" diabolically red. You can also use cayenne for an extra kick.

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Witch finger cookies

These creepy cookies will have everyone in your coven cackling. Shape refrigerated pre-made cookie dough into slender sausage shapes to make “fingers”, and gently press the tines of a fork into them to make wrinkly knuckles. Once the cookies are done baking, let them cool. Then, affix a toasted almond onto each “fingertip” with hazelnut spread or chocolate icing to make a creepy fingernail.

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Creepy crawly spider cupcakes

A tray of store-bought chocolate cupcakes, chocolate sprinkles, some black string licorice, and chocolate buttons or M&Ms are all you need to make these skin-crawlingly cute Halloween snacks. Simply cut the licorice into two-inch strips to make "legs." Stick four into the frosting on both sides to transform each cupcake into a spooky spider that looks good enough to eat.

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Melted monster mocktail

Combine a carton or two of ice-cold lemonade, fresh lime juice, and splash of cranberry cocktail in a punch bowl for a spooky sip that looks like it came straight out of a witch’s cauldron. For adults, feel free to add a touch of vodka or spirit of your choice. If you want to crank up the gore factor, pour simple syrup dyed with red food coloring onto a small plate. Then, dip each glass, rim-side down, into it before serving for an oozing blood effect.

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