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Reasons To Consider a Dinner Subscription Service
Reasons To Consider a Dinner Subscription Service

Dinner subscription services deliver the exact ingredients needed to make a complete meal. Each service varies in their specifics, but accommodate different eating patterns, tastes, and cooking capabilities.

There are myriad benefits to using a dinner subscription service, not least of which is not having to come up with menu options each day. Deciding if a meal subscription is right for you depends on your needs. Here are a few things to consider when making the choice.


Step outside your meal "box"

Dinner subscription services provide you with the opportunity to try creative menus. From international recipes to farm-to-table options, you may find yourself eating things you have never tried before.

While trying new recipes can be a blast, they sometimes require intermediate to experienced cooking skills. Keep that in mind when choosing a service, especially if time or experience is a factor for you.


Reduce your grocery store time

There's nothing worse than getting to the end of a long workday only to realize you forgot about dinner and have to make a grocery store stop. A dinner subscription service allows you to avoid shopping, at least for a few meals a week. Make sure to double-check what your particular service does not include, however — such as cooking oil or salt and pepper — since you'll still need to have sure you have those on-hand.


Customize plans for your dietary choices or eating restrictions

If you've always wanted to try a different dietary lifestyle or are struggling to be creative with eating restrictions, a meal subscription service can offer recipe variety.

Keep in mind, though, it may be best to sign up for a trial if you are using it for this purpose. This allows you the freedom to change your mind if you don't like the offerings or there aren't enough options for your diet.


Enjoy pre-portioned meals

Dinner subscriptions send you what you need for however many balanced platings you requested. This can help you eat a more balanced, nutritious meal. It takes the guesswork out of the process, which is ideal for people who aren't sure how much food is too much.

However, if you consume extra calories due to fitness or health practices, are accustomed to lunch leftovers, or have a large family, a dinner subscription service may not provide enough for your lifestyle.


Enhance your cooking skills

If you're new to the kitchen or have only basic cooking skills, a dinner subscription can help you up your cooking game. Each box comes with step-by-step directions that teach you how to properly prepare the recipe. Most also have a corresponding website or social media page with tips if you get stuck.

More complex recipes may require additional time in the kitchen, though. While this enhances your skills, if you were a box-of-KD diner previously, you might find you have less time for other evening activities.


Eat at home instead of ordering in or going out

Dinner subscription services make your kitchen a culinary hotspot. This makes it easier to avoid ordering in or going out for meals. You'll save money on those trips and also figure out what you can accomplish from the comfort of home — no styled hair or face-mask required.

Save the option to order in or go out for extra-special events or nights when you just can't face the kitchen.


Decrease food waste

Food waste is an issue in many households and a dinner subscription service is a good way to mitigate it. The service will only send enough food for your requested number of servings, and in most cases you'll use everything up.

But the use of a dinner subscription may increase other forms of waste. For instance, the plastic wrapping used to package items is not necessarily sustainable. This is something to keep in mind if sustainability is a priority for you. There are some local services that mitigate this by picking up your empty containers and reusing them.


Consider the cost of dinner subscriptions

Dinner subscription services can be costly. The per meal price may initially seem affordable but starts to add up when you increase serving count or delivery frequency.

For those who can afford it, reduced food waste and planning time are mitigated by cost. Many subscribers would rather pay a little extra for meals if they can save in other areas of their lives.


Try different services

Don't automatically sign up for one service over another. Try them all. This is the only way to know if a dinner subscription service will work for your needs and which one is a better fit than another.

Don't cave to sales pressure and if you find that the service is not working for you, then pursue other ways to plan ahead for mealtime. Make sure to read any discount offerings carefully, as they often promote "savings of $100" but distribute that over a minimum number of orders.


Choose when your groceries are delivered

Coordinate delivery on your schedule. You can request ingredients for two or more meals per week, in most cases. You can even choose when you want the service delivered. If you know you're at the office late on Tuesdays but you work from home on Wednesdays, scheduling delivery for Wednesdays ensures nothing stays out of the fridge for too long and the produce doesn't wilt.




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