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Alcohol-Free Drinks that Still Look Fancy

By Graham Hall
Share to PinterestAlcohol-Free Drinks that Still Look Fancy

Many cocktails look as delicious as they taste. The good news is that fancy drinks don't always have to come laden with alcohol. From sugar-frosted glasses with all kinds of dessert goodness loaded onto a skewer to fanciful recipes that incorporate a variety of ingredients, there are a ton of great alcohol-free beverages that still taste as fancy as they look.

Consider these options next time you want a touch of glam while you enjoy a beverage without the buzz.


Mock Mojito

Share to PinterestMock mojitos look fancy and taste amazing.
a_namenko / Getty Images

If you've ever had a mojito, then you know just how refreshingly minty they are. The best news about this drink is that you can skip the rum and still enjoy a beverage that looks fancy and tastes amazing.

Keep the lime, ice, and fresh mint. You can either sub out Sprite for the club soda or sub in sparkling water and agave syrup to retain some of the sweetness the rum provides.


Virgin Pina Colada

Share to PinterestA virgin pina colada brings a festive vibe without the alcohol.
Rothphoto_Online / Getty Images

If you're feeling tropical, but rum is not an option, a virgin pina colada is the fancy drink you need in your life. What makes this drink look so decadent is the fluffy whiteness of the slush, but if you really want to get festive, don't forget the cherries on top and a little umbrella adornment.

Canned coconut milk, pineapple juice, heavy cream, sugar, and ice are the only ingredients necessary to create a fancy, delectably drinkable confection. Don't forget the pineapple wedge on the side of the glass.


Faux Champagne

Share to Pinterestalcohol-free champagne

There's nothing fancier than champagne, but if you want your side of bubbly without the alcohol, here is an option for you. Just mix equal parts white grape juice and ginger ale. Drop in a few raspberries and voila: instant virgin champagne.


Shirley Temple

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There are a few drinks that have always been sans booze. The bright red color of the Shirley Temple is part of what makes it look so fancy. Mix orange juice, ginger ale, lime soda, and grenadine. Don't forget the cherry garnish. Serve your liquor-free concoction in a mason jar for a creative twist.

Pro tip: Add each liquid via spoon so they layer in the glass. This makes the drink look even fancier.


Sparkling Apple Cider

Share to PinterestApple cider is a fancy and tasty non-alcoholic beverage.
Mizina / Getty Images

This fancy beverage makes the most of one of the most common fruits: apples. It has a fall vibe, but it can be consumed any time of the year. Combine ginger ale with frozen apple juice, cold water, and ice.

Mix and serve with sliced apple garnishes on the side of the glass or directly in the drink.


Fruity Alcoholic-Free Margarita

Share to PinterestAlcohol-free margaritas can taste just as good as the tequila-laden versions.
corners74 / Getty Images

One of the features that makes margaritas look so fancy is the salted rim. While the lack of tequila may seem strange, the truth is even without, these slushy summer drinks taste great. The trick is to substitute fruit-flavored sparkling water into the limeade, fruit juice, and simple syrup. Mix and make it frosty by blending with ice. Don't forget the lime garnish on the side.


Loaded Milkshake

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If it's an alcohol-free dessert beverage you're after, then a loaded milkshake is perfect. Start with a basic vanilla version because that's not the part that matters the most. Rim the glass with sugar and then start loading up your skewer.

This is where your creative juices can really start to flow. Toasted marshmallows, chocolate chips, fruit, candy — anything that can slide down a skewer is fair game. The more you load it up, the fancier the drink will look.


Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Share to Pinterestmocha coffee hot chocolate mix

If you're looking for a fancy beverage with some added kick, then mixing your coffee with hot chocolate will give you what you need. Decorate your beverage the way you otherwise would with traditional hot chocolate: tiny marshmallows, piles of whipped cream, and cocoa nibs on top.

If you want some added fanciness, try decorating the mug with sugar to make it even sweeter, or use a clear mug and drizzle chocolate syrup down the sides before adding the liquid. Instant caffeinated class!


Grapefruit and Thyme Fizz

Share to Pinterestgrapefruit and thyme cocktail virgin

If you want something with a little bite, then this beverage is the way to go. Start with plain sparkling water and mix in just a bit of lemonade, grapefruit juice, and plenty of ice.

Then, kick your fruity drink into high gear: place sprigs of thyme and fresh grapefruit slices. The thyme adds a herbaceous flavor, while the grapefruit slices bring the bitterness. The result is delicious and not too sweet.


Fruit-Filled Virgin Sangria

Share to PinterestThe fruit is the fancy star of this drink recipe.
etorres69 / Getty Images

Layers of fruit might not seem fancy, but this drink is delicious and aesthetically-pleasing. This beverage requires a mix of apple, grape, and orange juices, combined with sparkling water for a bit of effervescence.

Then comes the best part. Cut up apples, lemons, limes, and oranges and layer them throughout the drink. Finish it off with a long-stemmed cherry on the glass to up the fancy factor.



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