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TikTok Fashion Trends Influencers Can't Stop Wearing

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestTikTok Fashion Trends Influencers Can't Stop Wearing

TikTok has transformed from a platform for dance challenges and Gen-Z humor to a cultural phenomenon, with viewers around the globe tuning into their For You pages for a little everyday inspiration.

Fashion is no exception, of course, with clothing hauls and styling videos amping up algorithms from Africa to L.A. The most well-known social media mavens know exactly what that means, and they’re setting the trends with bold fashion choices. From ‘90s grunge to laid-back chic, discover what’s making the rounds in TikTok fashion.


Over-the-top cutouts

Daring cutouts are making a comeback in the roaring ‘20s, taking center stage in everyday pieces such as crop tops, skirts, and dresses. Once reserved for nights at the club, the trend makes its way into the daylight with hole-punching across the chest, hips, and thighs.

It’s a stylish way to show some skin, but preserve your sanity by sticking to one hole-punched piece per look. Too much, and you might reveal more than you intended. Too little, and you’ve fallen short on the fashion train. The cool kids are loving flirty yet structured minis, hip-hugging pants, and cutout tops, as your fave Tik Tokkers have made clear on recent outings around town.


Pleated skirts

This schoolgirl classic is revered for its versatility, reaching icon status in the ‘90s as Britney Spears’ signature look. Now, you can embrace your own “Baby One More Time” moment with pleated skirts in an assortment of styles and colors.

Try bold black with a graphic sweater and biker boots for a rocker edge, or go girly with a button-down blouse and flats. Since it works well for diverse aesthetics, this is one piece you’ll want to wear way more than just one more time.


Oversized hoodies

Soft, simple, and easy to wear nearly anywhere, the oversized hoodie has become a new-age classic. It epitomizes casual style during any season, and Tik Tokkers have elevated the look with bike shorts, dad hats, and statement accessories.

Try a baggy sweatshirt in a solid hue, or experiment by selecting one with bold graphics or neon details. However you wear it, it’s that adorably oversized aesthetic we’re loving.


Everyday denim

The denim debate has extended far beyond skinny vs. straight. Now, it’s all about style. We’re loving the Cali girl aesthetic a distressed pair provides. From morning coffee runs to afternoon skate sessions, it's easy to picture this look sailing across the Santa Monica Pier, and that's exactly what we're aiming for.

Shop for denim with a loose fit and distressed details from hip to hem. It’s the destruction that transforms it from basic to lived-in favorite, so don’t hesitate to get wild. Laid-back and easy to dance in, stretchy denim with a roomy fit is a must-have for any Tik Tokker’s wardrobe.


Matching sets

It's no secret that matching sets are having a moment. It’s the 2022 uniform, and influencers aren’t shy about experimentation. We’ve seen styles ranging from classic knits to fashion-forward plisse, so there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re craving a skirt set for your next night out or pants for a day about town, this style can work for any occasion or aesthetic.

Chic yet contemporary, we’re loving the possibilities — and the lack of nothing-to-wear moments. It's one-and-done dressing made easy, which is why Tik Tokkers can't stop adding to their endless collections — and neither should you.


Contemporary corsetry

The days of tight-lacing are long gone, but that doesn’t mean corsets are going anywhere. This popular trend has taken Tik Tok by storm, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Pair a bold-hued design in violet, pink, or blue with basic denim, and you’ve gone from basic to va-va-voom!

There are countless styles to choose from, so you’re never limited to a single look. Embrace a romantic aesthetic with a sweetheart neckline and bold blooms, or show off your inner edge with a daring leather design. The choice is yours, but prepare to be trending.


Platform heels

This 2000’s staple is reaching bold new heights, and we’re loving every minute. You’ve seen your fave Tik Tokkers in an array of flirty designs, from strappy pastel styles to thick, chunky platforms in contemporary colors.

However you wear it, you’re bound to attract attention, and that’s what influencing is all about, isn’t it? Create your own collection in an assortment of shades, so you can mix and match during your next night out. Or, try out the trend with a go-anywhere pair in black, white, or neutral. Short queens, step up.


Retro-inspired shades

If you’ve ever taken a second glance at your For You page wondering which decade you're in, make no mistake: retro-inspired styles are all the rage, and they’re not limited to your clothing. Trendy eyeball accessories inspired by that carefree ‘70s lifestyle are making the rounds, as are ‘80s-inspired styles in glamorous silhouettes and aviator designs that were all the rage in the ‘90s.

Whichever decade you select, embrace the look by dressing retro from head-to-toe. Chic, functional, and easy to experiment with, retro-inspired shades make you the star character of your own reality show.


Oversized brights

You’ve seen bright colors scrambling for screen time, from aqua blue and grass green to fushia pink, canary yellow, and bold violet. Neglecting neutral hues for eye-catching colors, Tik Tokkers are changing the fashion landscape. One major way to play up color, of course, is to wear more of it, which is why your fave influencers are opting for everything oversized.

Try a classic button-down with a slouchy fit and a bold hue, then complete the look with a skirt, shorts, or pants in a matching shade. Even better, combine trends by pairing distressed denim, platform heels, and retro sunnies. The algorithm awaits you.


Stylish sweatsuits

Take your cozy wardrobe to the next level with a matching sweatsuit. Easy to wear and even simpler to style, this classic design gets elevated for the Gen Z crowd with embroidery, graphics, and designs taking over both pieces. Since they match, of course, you can wear them together or on their own, delivering multiple looks in one go.

You might feel comfy, but you'll look streetwear-chic, and that's exactly why this trend is taking TikTok by storm. Complete the look with retro-inspired accessories and a solid pair of sneakers for a stylish day about town.



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