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How to Care for the Colorful Christmas Cactus

By Staff Writer

Did you get a Christmas cactus as a present during the holidays? You have been gifted a priceless treasure. When properly looked after, these low-maintenance plants can live up to a century. How amazing is that? They also release oxygen at night, unlike most plants, so they could be the perfect functional, natural addition to your bedroom aesthetic.

Give your Christmas cactus the right conditions, and give it a name, because it'll probably be with you longer than anything else in your home.


Bringing your Christmas cactus home

When selecting a Christmas cactus at a garden nursery or retail store, inspect the plant's "leaves" or cladodes. Gently squeeze—the segment should feel firm, unwrinkled, and thick. Leave the specimen in the store if there's yellowing at the base, and leave the plants with moldy soil alone too.

If you can remove the plant from its pot, examine the roots to check that they're a creamy white. When transporting, don't keep your new purchase in a cold vehicle for too long.

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